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Jul 18

Investing in Emerging Markets, with Prof. Andrew Karolyi

Finance Professor Andrew Karolyi talks in-depth on assessing risks and rewards of investing in emerging markets

Jul 16

Chinese investors take their ride on stock market roller-coaster|William Hennelly|chinadaily.com.cn

Outlet: China Daily Professor Andrew Karolyi talks about the underlying causes of market volatility in China. 

May 14

Johnson’s Karolyi Releases Rankings of Emerging Markets for Investors

Research takes a first-of-its-kind look at the fundamental risks associated in investing in emerging foreign markets

In Search of BrazilThe Political Economy of an Emerging Power: In Search of the Brazil Dream

A new book by Johnson’s Lourdes Casanova encapsulates Brazil’s role in the new order of emerging economies and the steps the country needs to propel its economic growth

Lourdes S. Casanova, Academic Director of the Emerging Markets Institute, Cornell University

The Institute at Work
Winston Sun, MBA ‘16

Why Xiaomi Succeeds in China: Implications for the Chinese Business Environment

by Winston Sun, MBA ‘16.

Xiaomi, the world’s third largest smartphone maker, has found a way to satisfy consumers with a high quality product at an emerging market price.

Chen Chen, Visiting Scholar at the Emerging Markets Institute

Emerging Services By Humberto Ribeiro, Visiting Scholar at the Emerging Markets Institute

by Chen Chen, Visiting Scholar at the Emerging Markets Institute.

Mr. Humberto Ribeiro, former Brazilian Secretary of Commerce and Services, believes that services will offer the largest entrepreneurial opportunities worldwide, as the market should expand by $50 trillion.

Financial Times Emerging Markets Headlines

Jul 31

Investment in Greece grinds to near halt

Greenfield projects collapse as country’s economic woes deter corporate investors

Jul 31

European carmakers: hot hatches

Investors look under the bonnet for the best growth engines

Jul 31

Investors need holiday after trying July

Markets were rocked by Greek debacle and falling Chinese shares