CNBC Emerging Markets

This site gives readers up-to-date commentary from CNBC commentators and from guests across the world of finance. It is particularly useful for those familiar with the emerging markets world who are looking for a source of information on market changes.

Financial Times:  Beyond BRICs

The Financial Times EM blog provides timely news and commentary as well as updated market data in an easily searchable format; all authored by staff at the Financial Tomes. The site has information on recent EM news as well as general global news that will impact all markets.

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International is one of the oldest EM sites on the internet, with respected commentators and up-to-date analysis and commentary. It focuses on behavior of foreign firms in emerging markets, investment strategies and long/short term research on general trends. It offers both original and guest content.

Emerging Markets Outlook (individual)

This blog is published by a two investment industry players with over 30 years of experience in emerging economies.  Site provides a wide variety of insight on current events and general trends in an accessible style directed toward potential investors. (Connects to a paid site)

Frontier Strategy Group: Emerging Markets Insights

Emerging Markets Insights relates mostly to overall economic growth, with some practical information on talent attraction etc., regional info and a large blog team.  Their posts are very analytical, but short and to the point.

Corporate Foreign Policy

These articles are for the more in-depth observer of international business with short and to the point analysis from across the EM spectrum, mostly focusing on how politics, management culture and business strategy impact foreign firm’s penetration into new markets. The information is current and useful to business people and researchers alike. Contains links to articles and blogs from around the world on EM issues.

Brennan Whitaker Duty, MBA '15

“Multinational companies see I am in the Fellowship program and immediately engage me on issues pertaining to their business in emerging markets. ”

- Brennan Whitaker Duty, MBA '15
EMI Fellow