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Dec 12 2017

Tencent, the rising Chinese Investment Holding Conglomerate

Tencent provides media, entertainment, payment systems, online advertising services, and internet and mobile phone value-added services internationally. Tencent’s unique, diversified platforms create an ecosystem that links social media, games, media, and messaging. At a market capitalization of $49...

Nov 20 2017

Flipkart and Indian E-Commerce

The three main takeaways from the Flipkart presentation were: 1) the Indian e-commerce industry is projected to grow substantially in the coming years; 2) the high fixed costs inherent to e-commerce lead to an industry characterized by large economies of scale; and 3) it remains to be seen who will...

Oct 20 2017

Marcopolo: Creating a Global Latina

Brazilian bus and coach manufacturer, Marcopolo, should build on existing strengths through the continuation of international expansion initiative, focused specifically on joint ventures in South America. By focusing on South America, they can retain flexibility in their production process as well a...

Jul 31 2017

Multilatinas: Strategies for internationalization

The Challenges faced by Latin America multinational companies often require unique strategies tailored to a demanding global environment. The book Multilatinas studies the strategies of internationalism exercised by large multilatinas, offering the first systematic, quantitative effort to examine...

Jul 24 2017

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – A Look Back and Ahead

Companies are looking for new opportunities to grow beyond their existing markets. Emerging markets in Latin America, e.g. Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, are attracting attention from many companies but there is another market that might be out of sight but also worth exploring. Under th...

Jul 03 2017

Colombia: Ripe for Private Equity

Until late 2016, PE activity was dominated by Brazil, but recent political events, instability in Brazil, and the FARC-Colombia peace deal makes Colombia a lucrative opportunity for PE investment.

Jun 19 2017

How Regenerative Agriculture Can Build Climate Resilience in Emerging and Frontier Economies

In the world of sustainable business, few brands are as admirable as Patagonia, Inc . By working on regenerative agriculture, they are contributing to minimize the effects of climate change in the agriculture sector. 

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