The mission of the Entrepreneurshipand Innovation Institute (“EII”) is to foster the three most critical components of entrepreneurship and innovation: Knowledge, Networking, and Opportunity.

These three components of our mission are interrelated. Together, they form a robust, comprehensive menu for engagement among all current and aspiring stakeholders in our entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem: students, faculty, researchers, alumni, inventors, investors, advisors, and mentors.

EI Triangle

  • EII advances the Knowledge component by providing high impact thought leadership in research, curriculum development and offerings, classroom courses, and experiential learning environments.
  • EII advances the Networking component by offering an array of valuable outreach programs, events, and resources.
  • EII advances the Opportunity component by facilitating hands-on involvement and work with real startups, other businesses, investments, innovations, and other commercialization initiatives. EII either provides these extensive offerings directly or collaborates with Entrepreneurship@Cornell and other Cornell organizations to provide them.

Please explore our information on this site and feel free to contact us with yours ideas, interests, or questions.

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