Joseph Edgar, MBA '14, TenantCloud

Joseph Edgar & Rhett Weiss

GiveGab aligns volunteers' skills, interests, and values

Da-Eun Lee '16

The volunteer matching and management system created by two Cornell-Queens graduates was selected to connect Cornell alumni. Read More..

Neng Bing Doh, MBA '05, HealthCrowd

Irene Kim

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Daniel J. Mansoor '79, MBA '80, GiveNext

Irene Kim

Taking the pain out of giving Read More..

Kurt Vedder, MBA '02 (E), Fixes 4 Kids

Irene Kim

Kids' surgeons get a lucky break Read More..

Lori Asbury, MBA '03 (E): CMOco

Irene Kim

Offering value that clients understand — and want Read More..

John Kallassy, MBA '03: I-Bankers Direct

Irene Kim

Bridging the investment gap Read More..

Gregory Crowley, MBA '00

Irene Kim

Engineering his own niche Read More..

Steve Milt MBA '02

Irene Kim

Handling the supply side of airport security Read More..

Alice Chen, MBA ’04: Alice Alan

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