The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute has assembled a group of alums in the venture capital field to be "VCs in Virtual Residence".

Members of this group are active VCs who are willing to talk with Cornell affiliated people (students, alums, faculty and staff) about their businesses and business ideas. This should not be seen as an opportunity to pitch to a VC for funding. Rather, it is an opportunity to vet your business or business idea with a VC investment professional and hopefully get some meaningful feedback. Participating firms include the following:

Firm Area of Expertise
Oxford Bioscience life sciences and biotechnology
Lux Capital novel materials, high throughput materials discovery, memory, semiconductors, solid state lighting, alternative energy, water purification, chemical separations/waste remediation, nuclear energy and drug delivery, water
Mango Automation Inc. Cloud based SaaS subscription model marketing and digital media
Paladin Capital Group greentech, IT, nanotech, and some medtech (no biotech)
Trident Capital IT and clean tech
Element Partners clean tech and renewable energy
New Atlantic Ventures smartPhone apps, new media/ad spend optimization, viral websites, and IT-based capital efficient business
Castile Ventures software-as-a-service (SaaS), Internet commerce, and digital media
Matrix Partners emerging technologies, energy, chips, and systems
DFJ Gotham digital media (including advertising), financial technology, e-commerce, software, network infrastructure, mobile
Court Square Ventures digital media, communications, IT
Mohr Davidow Ventures digital media, IT, cleantech, and life sciences
Clearstone Venture Partners internet enabled business and consumer services
Navigant Ventures software and tech-enabled services
HealthCare Ventures biotechnology; drug development (small molecule, biologic, etc., in any therapeutic area)
Voyager Capital IT-software, Digital media and wireless
Canaan Partners technology (digital media, communications, enterprise & cleantech, power/energy, networking & semiconductor devices) and healthcare (pharma, devices & diagnostics)
Passport Capital food, beverages, agriculture and renewable energy
Charles River Ventures alternative energy and information technologies
QuestMark Partners semiconductors, clean tech, internet, enterprise software, enterprise hardware, healthcare (implantable medical devices)
Sopris Capital Associates healthcare services and technology services
Highland Capital (China) semiconductors, internet enabled businesses and digital media

If you would like an introduction to the particular VC at one of the firms listed above, please contact Zach Shulman at