Faculty News

Feb 17 2017

At a Predictions event in New York City, New York Federal Reserve CEO William C. Dudley displayed cautious optimism about economic growth.

Feb 14 2017

Marketers can change labels, packaging, and size — but more recently, research explores biological aspects of taste preferences to inform marketing strategies, as alumni and others learned from Cornell researchers at the Ithaca Predictions Dinner.

Feb 01 2017

The author of Something for Nothing: Arbitrage and Ethics on Wall Street discusses the ethics of arbitrage.

Feb 01 2017

As more information about toxic chemical releases have become public, the environmental improvements linked to these disclosures have disproportionately benefited wealthy communities.

Jan 23 2017

The Rockefeller Foundation awards Mark Milstein and the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise a grant focused on helping businesses reduce food waste.

Nov 23 2016

Johnson’s tenth annual Marketing Executive Coaching Program celebrates a decade of mentoring and relationship building.

Nov 10 2016

The Emerging Markets Institute’s 2016 conference and inaugural Emerging Multinationals Report convey powerful evidence of “a new global landscape” showing a sharp increase in emerging economies as foreign investors and a “blossoming of some of their firms as world champions.”

Aug 25 2016

Award-winning research by Beta Mannix and colleagues details strategies successful teams used to manage conflict.

Aug 15 2016

Soumitra Dutta, dean of the Cornell College of Business, is co-editor of the report, which ranks nations on their innovation capacity and results. 

Aug 12 2016

Research by Professor Roni Michaely and co-authors points to a rise in M&As and decline in IPOs.  

Aug 04 2016

Former GE board member and his wife establish the Robert J. and Pamela B. Swieringa Faculty Development Fund 

Jul 26 2016

Frank’s book, “Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy” (2016), outlines his view that successful people are almost always talented and hardworking, but very few would have succeeded if they hadn’t been lucky, too.

Jul 25 2016

Introducing the Cornell College of Business

Jul 24 2016

Collaborating for Excellence

Jul 23 2016

Who benefits and who’s harmed by short-term trades related to big news about stocks?

Jul 20 2016

Hotels can learn a lot about what their guests value the most from text reviews.

Jul 19 2016

Understanding your customers can’t be delegated

Jul 08 2016

Cornell College of Business dean to lead the board of international business school accreditation body

Jul 06 2016

Annual ranking of nations’ networked readiness co-authored by Soumitra Dutta, the World Economic Forum, and INSEAD

Jun 07 2016

Nelson, the Eleanora and George Landew Professor of Management, will begin his five-year term as the Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean July 1.