Jul 21 2017

Dean Dutta named chairman of AACSB board of directors

Dean Soumitra Dutta is named chairman of the board of Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) for 2017-18 term.

Jun 07 2017

Noteworthy: Associate Dean Andrew Karolyi discusses Germany-China relations

The relationship between China and Germany is brought to the forefront after China’s Premier visits Berlin.

Jun 02 2017

Johnson faculty offer advice for life in Last Lectures

Allan Filipowicz, Maureen O'Hara, and Jay Russo spoke to graduating MBAs before they walked across the stage in 2017.

May 25 2017

Johnson’s Nelson and peer deans discuss the value of the MBA

A master’s degree in business administration offers the best return on investment among advanced degrees, but tuition certainly isn’t inexpensive, a panel of deans from the nation’s top colleges told prospective MBA students May 20.

May 03 2017

Senior Lecturer Theomary Karamanis wins 2017 Gold Quill Award

Theomary Karamanis, senior lecturer of management communications at Johnson, is honored with a Gold Quill Award of Excellence for "Communication Training and Education."

May 02 2017

eCornell offers Psychology of Leadership certificate

eCornell is offering a new, all-online certificate in the Psychology of Leadership

Apr 18 2017

Alumni, industry leaders celebrate Don Greenberg

Industry leaders, academics and former students gathered April 12 in San Francisco to celebrate the legacy and continuing impact of Donald P. Greenberg ’55

Feb 17 2017

What’s in America’s Fiscal Future?

At a Predictions event in New York City, New York Federal Reserve CEO William C. Dudley displayed cautious optimism about economic growth.

Feb 14 2017

Are you a supertaster or a nontaster?

Marketers can change labels, packaging, and size — but more recently, research explores biological aspects of taste preferences to inform marketing strategies, as alumni and others learned from Cornell researchers at the Ithaca Predictions Dinner.

Feb 12 2017

New Chinese-backed banks defy sceptics

Outlet: National - Online, The ...Casanova, the academic director of the Emerging Markets Institute at Cornell University, points out that both AIIB and NDB have been...

Feb 01 2017

Why Wall Street’s Scandals Keep Coming

The author of Something for Nothing: Arbitrage and Ethics on Wall Street discusses the ethics of arbitrage.

Feb 01 2017

The Clean Get Cleaner

As more information about toxic chemical releases have become public, the environmental improvements linked to these disclosures have disproportionately benefited wealthy communities.

Jan 24 2017

Trump has a great opportunity to save our environment

Outlet: Huffington Post, The ...Delmas, University of California, Los Angeles Glen Dowell, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell...

Jan 23 2017

Addressing the Role of Business in Generating Food Waste

The Rockefeller Foundation awards Mark Milstein and the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise a grant focused on helping businesses reduce food waste.

Jan 16 2017

People balk at influence if it threatens 'free will' - Futurity

Outlet: Futurity ...notions of their essence.” The study appears in the Journal of Marketing Research. Stijn van Osselaer of Cornell University...

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