Faculty in the Media

May 27 2015

You won't believe the $%#! you've been eating
Mark Milstein is mentioned in this story pertaining to a number of major fast-food chains and food companies recently announcing healthier practices.

May 23 2015

U.S. middle class between a rock and a hard place
Johnson's Robert Frank discusses the shrinking middle class.

May 12 2015

The rise and rise of Jorge Paulo Lemann
Lourdes Casanova speaks of Jorge Paulo Lemann, “The culture that he put in all his companies is an obsession to increase the profit margin… that was new in Brazil, because in Latin America, very often [the] labour cost is not that high, so the search for efficiency comes from cheap labour costs. The...

May 11 2015

Book ranks emerging markets by risk to investors
In his new book, “ Cracking the Emerging Markets Enigma ,” Andrew Karolyi, Cornell professor of finance, takes a first-of-its-kind look at the fundamental risks associated in investing in what are called “emerging” foreign markets.

May 06 2015

Flash Crash: Could It Happen Again? Maureen O'Hara Tells the BBC
Finance Professor Maureen O'Hara explains the causes of the Flash Crash of 2010, and how to prevent a recurrence.

May 06 2015

'Flash Crash' of 2010 Is History but Stock Markets Are Still Vulnerable
"A lot of what has happened since the Flash Crash is what I would call proactive regulation," said Maureen O'Hara,

May 05 2015

Who really gets heard at work? Whoever’s in the majority
Jim Detert was a co-author of a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology,  in which they found that bosses were less likely to value or even notice the suggestions of people who were wallflowers at work, new to the job, or racial minorities.

Apr 28 2015

Negotiation tips from your ‘friends’
Beta Mannix gives insight into successful negotiation tips.

Apr 27 2015

Panel: Poor leadership endangers family businesses
Rhett Weiss and Daniel Van Der Vliet were on a panel that discussed how poor leadership can endanger family businesses.

Apr 26 2015

Americans' identification with middle class remains broad - struggles and all
Robert Frank is mentioned in this article about the continued shrinking of the middle class.

Apr 22 2015

Johnson Profs Among World's Top 40 Under 40
Assistant Professors Soo Kim and Andrew Davis make Poets and Quants' annual list of best young MBA professors

Apr 21 2015

Alumni, students share business ideas at Celebration.
Zach Shulman is mentioned in this article about Entrepreneurship @ Cornell.

Apr 20 2015

Eco-Economics takes on Neoliberalism
Instead of "buying for glory", a social externality that drains nature s capital, Robert Frank , an economist at Cornell , suggests a progressive consumption tax.

Apr 16 2015

Ugh. The worse inequality gets, the more people agree with Republicans
Robert Frank states that the worse inequality gets, the more people are apt to agree with Republicans.

Apr 13 2015

Johnson Professor Ya-Ru Chen appointed Academic Dean of China Initiatives
Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA to launch May 2015

Apr 10 2015

Johnson, sponsor at Fourth Annual Cornell China Conference 2015
Keynote speaker Dean Soumitra Dutta to share latest news on initiatives in China

Apr 10 2015

Middle Class, but Feeling Economically Insecure
Robert Frank discusses the shrinking middle class and the adverse effects of income inequality.

Apr 09 2015

JAMA Forum: On the Public Harms of Personal Health Care Choices
Robert Frank argues that spending on certain goods by the wealthy can harm those less well off.

Apr 08 2015

‘PowerMoves@Detroit’ plan conference to help minority businesses
David BenDaniel states that what separates the wannabes from the successful entrepreneurs is persistence.

Apr 07 2015

Noor Bank hosts MBA Students from Cornell University
Randy Allen and her class of 20 are hosted by Noor Bank in Dubai.

Mar 31 2015

10 Steps to a Smarter Spending Plan
Johnson's Manoj Thomas shares tips for smarter budget planning.

Mar 13 2015

Risk-Taking Critical to Innovating MBA Programs
Johnson Dean Soumitra Dutta talks to "Dean & Provost" on collaborating and taking risks too develop innovative MBA programs

Mar 02 2015

Russia's Insider Traders Know Putin's Plans, Shows Johnson Research
Research by Johnson PhD students Ekaterina Volkova and Felipe Silva got the attention of BloombergView. They used a model developed by Professor Maureen O'Hara to show that insiders anticipated Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Feb 23 2015

Chinese internet giants head for Latin America
Emerging Markets Institute Director gives her view

Feb 20 2015

The career builder's quiz
Zach Shulman is mentioned in this article about career builders.