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Dec 13 2016

Outlet: Lab Manager Magazine - Online ...likely to be hired and chosen as a collaborator Sunita Sah, assistant professor of management and organizations at Cornell...

Dec 12 2016

Outlet: BBC News Online Laurie Taylor talks to Robert H. Frank, Professor of Economics at Cornell University's Johnson School of Management,...

Dec 08 2016

Outlet: Yahoo Finance ...I buy this or not, pain of payment matters,” says Manoj Thomas, associate professor of marketing at Cornell University. “Cash...

Nov 24 2016

Outlet: LatinAmerican Post ... Additionally, Lourdes Casanova, from the Institute of Emerging Markets at Cornell University School of Management, further...

Nov 17 2016

Outlet: Stacy Blackman Consulting ... Judi Byers, Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management,...

Nov 02 2016

Outlet: CBS News Online ...what they spend,” said Randy L. Allen, a senior lecturer in management at Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School...

Nov 02 2016

Outlet: Cornell Chronicle - Online ...for CryptoCurrency and Contracts (IC3), an effort by faculty members at Cornell, Cornell Tech, the University of...

Oct 17 2016

Outlet: MSN News US (en) ...be arbitraged out of the process. Maureen O'Hara is the Robert W. Purcell Professor of Management at Cornell University and...

Sep 20 2016

Outlet: U.S. News & World Report ...sectors IPOs are coming from," says Drew Pascarella, a finance lecturer at Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate...

Aug 29 2016

Outlet: Mba Coaching, Gmat Preparation | Mba Crystal Ball ...of management and organizations at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at the Cornell College of Business,...

Aug 26 2016

Outlet: MSN Money US (en) ...conclusion of a new stock-market indicator that Darien Huang, a finance professor at Cornell University, has found to have a...

Aug 26 2016

Outlet: Washington Post Online, The ...said Randy Allen, a former Kmart executive and a senior lecturer at Cornell University who studies retailing. Did Banana...

Aug 05 2016

Outlet: Quartz ...them is to use an analogy: term insurance,” Robert Jarrow, a finance professor at Cornell University, told me. But instead of...

Aug 04 2016

Outlet: Business Insider ...Not surprisingly, these folks tend to have a few things in common, as Cornell University economist Robert H. Frank lays out in a...

Jul 06 2016

Outlet: World Economic Forum - Soumitra Dutta

Jul 06 2016

Outlet: Co.Exist - Soumitra Dutta

Jul 01 2016

Outlet: Globe and Mail Online, The - Soumitra Dutta

Jun 29 2016

Outlet: Th Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation - Luo Zuo

Jun 29 2016

Outlet: Knowledge@Wharton - Young-Hoon Park

Jun 27 2016

Outlet: Fortune Online - Tom Schyrver

Jun 26 2016

Outlet: FT.com - Cornell Tech

Jun 20 2016

Outlet: MedPage Today - Sunita Sah

Jun 13 2016

Outlet: World Economic Forum - Lourdes Casanova

Jun 13 2016

Outlet: World Economic Forum - Lourdes Casanova

Jun 09 2016

Outlet: Beat The GMAT - Dean Mark Nelson