Allan M. Filipowicz

Allan M. Filipowicz

Associate Dean for Executive Education
Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations

348 Sage Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: (607) 255-2991

Allan Filipowicz is Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

Professor Filipowicz's research focuses on how emotions drive or impede leadership effectiveness, at both the intrapersonal and interpersonal levels. Within this domain, he studies the relationship between emotions and risky decision making; the influence of humor on both leadership and negotiation effectiveness; and the impact of emotional transitions in negotiations.

His work has been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Forecasting, and Creativity Research Journal.

Professor Filipowicz teaches Managing and Leading Organizations (recently winning a Best Core Faculty Award), Negotiations, Executive Leadership and Development, Leading Teams and Critical and Strategic Thinking. He has taught executives across the globe, from Singapore to Europe to the US, with recent clients including Medtronic, Bayer, Google, Pernod Ricard and Harley-Davidson.

Professor Filipowicz received his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School, an MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania, and degrees in Electrical Engineering (M.Eng., BS) and Economics (BA) from Cornell University. His professional experience includes banking (Bankers Trust, New York) and consulting, including running his own boutique consulting firm and four years with The Boston Consulting Group in Paris.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Published Papers

Working Papers

  • Filipowicz, Allan M.; Bearden, Neil J.; Jain, Kriti.  "Anger and Escalation of Commitment"

  • Filipowicz, Allan M.; Bearden, Neil J.; Jain, Kriti.  "Anxiety and Risk"

  • Jain, Kriti; Bearden, Neil J.; Filipowicz, Allan M..  "Diverse Personalities Make for Wiser Crowds: How Personality Can Affect the Accuracy of Aggregated Judgments"

  • Filipowicz, Allan M.; Barsade, S.; Melwani, S..  "Emotional Contagion and Emotional Transitions: How Are Changing Emotions "Caught"?"

  • Filipowicz, Allan M..  "Humor and Laughter in Negotiations"

  • Filipowicz, Allan M..  "The Social Consequences of Humor in Organizations: What Does It Do, How Does It Do It, and When?"

Allan M. Filipowicz