John L. Nesheim

John L. Nesheim

Lecturer of Management

302 Sage Hall
Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6201
Phone: 607-255-2613

John Nesheim is an engineer and veteran of Silicon Valley. Since 1976, he has focused his research on how to do a high-tech start-up. His research findings led to discovery of the "14 Steps to IPO," which are documented in his best-selling book, High Tech Start Up. Translated into four languages, the book is used around the world by entrepreneurs, investors, governments, universities, corporations, and Wall Street to increase understanding of entrepreneurial effectiveness. His second book, Unfair Advantage, was released in early 2005.

Nesheim founded his company, the Nesheim Group ( to gather best practices of professionals from around the world who are dedicated to improving the process of converting an idea to a world-class enterprise. He conducts workshops for entrepreneurs and the venture community, gathers research for his publications and coaches new enterprise.