Clarence Lee

Clarence Lee

Breazzano Family Sesquicentennial Fellow
Assistant Professor of Marketing

401B Sage Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: (607) 255-9509

Professor Lee's research examines the drivers behind consumer adoption, usage, and purchase dynamics of digital goods, where he models consumer behavior using Bayesian statistics, structural econometrics and machine learning techniques. Digital products and platforms, such as the ones produced by many Silicon Valley/NYC tech start-ups, are increasingly present in almost all consumer interactions. In such settings, understanding consumer choice and the dynamics of engagement and usage become critically important in order to acquire, serve and retain consumers. He currently teaches Digital Marketing and Data Analytics & Modeling at both Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses.

Professor Lee received his doctorate from Harvard Business School and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT. Prior to pursuing graduate studies, he has conducted nanotechnology research at IBM and space system design at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Accepted Papers

Working Papers

  • Lee, Clarence; Kumar, Vineet; Gupta, Sunil.  "Designing Freemium: Strategic Balancing of Growth and Monetization"

  • Lee, Clarence; Blair, Peter.  "Disentangling Peer Effects and Economic Incentives in Customer Acquisition"

  • Lee, Clarence; Nagle, Frank.  "Dynamics of Social Media and Crisis Management"

  • Park, Joowon; Lee, Clarence; Thomas, Manoj.  "Electrodermal Responses to Mode of Payment: The Somatic Marker Hypothesis"

  • Lee, Clarence; Menon, Anoop .  "Mental Model – Driven Usage of Products and How Firms Can Shape It"

  • Lee, Clarence; Menon, Anoop; Tabakovic, Haris.  "Patents Generality and Prediction using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks"

  • Elberse, Anita; Lee, Clarence; Zhang, Ling-Ling.  "Viral Video: The True Reach of Online Video Advertisements"

Clarence Lee