Corporate Investment in Johnson Community

$5,000 - $5,000,000

  • Thursday afternoon Sage Social Sponsorship ($4,000-$5,000) - Opportunity for students, faculty, and staff interact in an informal setting each week.
  • Dean’s Coffee Breaks ($5,000) - Sponsor the Dean’s Coffee Breaks for a month.
  • Johnson Logo Mugs ($10,000) - Sponsor the sustainable coffee mugs used at the Dean’s Coffee Breaks, year long.
  • Johnson Logo Stainless Steel Water Bottles ($10,000) - Sponsor the sustainable water bottles and water cooler used by students, staff & faculty in Sage Hall.
  • Admissions Events – Host an event at your corporate location, domestic or abroad. Corporation to provide space and light refreshments.  First preference to host an admissions yield event is given to our Corporate Partners.
  • Unpaid/Not-for-Profit Internship Support - Support for students who do unpaid internships for non-profit organizations or work on projects for the Johnson. 
  • Support for a low-paying  (or volunteer) international internship.
  • Stipend for international students to attend an international career fair, such as the MIT European Career Fair.
  • Scholarships/Fellowships ($5,000 minimum) – Merit-based or need-based awards that provide your company with a student ambassador on campus.
  • Naming opportunities within Sage Hall: Library Carrels ($10,000): Faculty Offices ($125,000); Seminar Rooms ($250,000); Executive Classroom ($500,000), Management Library ($3-5 million).