News & Highlights

Aug 22 2017

Come back to campus for fall 2017 Diversity and Inclusion events

Alumni participation in Diversity and Inclusion events is critically important for prospective and current students, says Office of Diversity and Inclusion Director Jamie Joshua.

Nov 01 2016

Celebrating a Half Century of Empowering Leaders

Johnson's continuing teamwork with The Consortium aims to increase diversity in business

Oct 11 2016

Johnson Welcomes Prospective Women MBAs to Campus

Nearly 60 prospective women MBA students converged at Sage Hall for a two-day conference that introduced them to Johnson’s graduate programs through a series of career exploration workshops, talks by alumni, and networking events.

Oct 05 2016

Supporting Minority Students to Improve Business Leadership

Building a foundation for an inclusive MBA community at Johnson

Jun 21 2016

Poets & Quants - 2016 MBAs To Watch: Debo Aderibigbe, MBA '16

Outlet: Poets & Quants - Gbadebo (Debo) Aderibigbe, MBA '16

Apr 27 2016

Aleda and Jonathan Schaffer, MBA, ’10, Advance to Finals on "America's Greatest Makers"

The couple's Delta Glove is a strength-training smart glove that automatically detects weight lifted, sets, reps, and exercise performed.       

Apr 12 2016

Destination Johnson 2016: Weekend of Fun, Information, and Inspiration

Admitted students, partners, and families meet future classmates, current Johnson students and learn about the Cornell MBA experience 

Mar 18 2016

Local Concerns Address Food Insecurity, Sustainability, and Accessibility

Representatives of Rocky Acres Community Farm, Anabel’s Grocery, and Wegmans participate in a food industry panel moderated by Alexa Ing Stern, MBA ’17, at the Cornell University Social Impact Conference.

Mar 10 2016

Johnson Women in Technology Conference Brings 200 MBA Students and Tech Professionals to New York City

Student-organized event expands to include business idea pitch competition, along with "State of Technology address and expert panels

Mar 09 2016

Diversity and Social Media in Tech

A community conversation with Melinda Byerley, MBA ’02, founder of TimeShare CMO

Feb 29 2016

Johnson Women in Technology Conference Will Join Students, Industry Leaders

Student-led conference aims to empower and equip future businesswomen in high-tech careers

Feb 23 2016

REDTalks Open Pathway to Understanding and Connection

MBA students share insights and lessons learned from their life and personal experiences 

Feb 23 2016

The Heart of Diversity: a Tedx Cornell Talk with Miwa Takaki, MBA '15

Miwa Takaki is a member of the inaugural class of the Johnson Cornell Tech MBA program in New York City. In her Tedx Cornell talk, she offers a fresh definition of diversity, based on her experience working on cross-culture and cross-disciplinary teams at Cornell Tech.

Feb 09 2016

Johnson Women in Technology Conference

MBA student organizers talk about the power of the annual conference for career growth and networking

Jan 14 2016

Women and Johnson: an MBA Match

Liz Kraushar, MBA '16, and Janaki Palaniappan, MBA '16, talk about MBA and alumni communities at Johnson that support their professional and personal growth.