Underrepresented Minorities at Johnson

Johnson is committed to nurturing the success of our underrepresented students and creating a diverse, talented student body.

ODI offers a range of events, support, and leadership development programs for our diverse student groups throughout their entire career at Johnson. We work closely with the Black Graduate Student Association, the Hispanic American Business Leaders Association, and Consortium students to grow a thriving community.

Through our partnerships with MLT and Toigo, prospectives and recently accepted MBAs are eligible for additional support and resources.

Our goal: To unite our student body, expand our awareness, and challenge our community to be our best.

Johnson Means Business Group Photo

October 26-27, 2018

Johnson Means Business

Johnson Means Business (JMB) is our diverse & LGBTQ student hosting event.


October 27, 2018

Johnson Diversity Symposium

The Diversity Symposium is held in conjunction with Johnson's diversity hosting event, Johnson Means Business.

Underrepresented Minorities at Johnson