PhD Program

Intellectual capital pays dividends long term

A Johnson PhD student is intellectually curious, wants a flexible schedule, and is passionate about business. You can build a stimulating academic career involving research and publishing, teaching, executive education and academic leadership.

Intellectual capital is the R&D of a dynamic business world.

For those who wish to pursue a career in teaching and research, the Johnson PhD offers select students in-depth study via a flexible, tailored program in:

The program is small, with about 40 students in residence at any given time. This intimate environment fosters many opportunities for informal interaction among students and faculty. In addition to enjoying personalized and extremely interactive seminars and workshops, our doctoral candidates also take advantage of offerings at other Cornell schools.

Johnson profs and students cite highlights

A Johnson PhD student is intellectually curious, wants a flexible schedule, and is passionate about business.

Who does well in the Johnson program?

Self-motivated, creative doctoral students who are comfortable taking an active hand in their course of study tend to do better in our program than do those who prefer a prescribed structure. In addition, since we grant financial support in the form of research assistantships rather than teaching assistantships, our doctoral candidates are typically those interested in pursuing careers as faculty in major universities, rather than those planning to teach in small liberal-arts colleges.

Who should apply?

We do not require that you hold a degree in business; we're very interested in those with a strong undergraduate background in economics, mathematics, engineering, sociology, psychology, or physical sciences. Our personalized program builds upon the foundation of valuable skills that you've established by study in these fields. Our admission decision is based on test scores (typical GMAT of over 700), letters of recommendation, and academic records. Once you are accepted and participating in the program, we work hard to ensure that you successfully complete your degree.

Key Facts

Entry 2013 Entry 2014  Entry 2015
Number of Applicants 481 393  350
Number Enrolled 10 6  12
Number of Degrees Conferred 3  6
Total Enrolled  36 38  41