What Happens at the MBA Stock Pitch Challenge?



  • Teams arrive in Ithaca.  An evening dinner with Johnson student hosts and peers gives participants an opportunity to mingle.


  • At the welcome breakfast, teams draw numbers out of a hat, which will determine their team number and order of presentation.
  • Following breakfast, students undergo a morning training session on software such as Capital IQ and FactSet at Johnson's Parker Center for Investment Research. 
  • At 11 a.m., students are assigned a common stock to pitch as a buy, neutral, or a short (sell) recommendation for the first round and two industry baskets with a list of eligible stocks to choose from for their stock pitches in rounds 2 and 3.  Students have until midnight to prepare for the three presentations.
  • Students will need to break away for a one hour mandatory reception with sponsors at 6 p.m. at the Statler Hotel.


  • Following an early breakfast, two simultaneous presentation tracks will occur, with teams 1-6 presenting in one room and teams 7-12 presenting in another.  Each team pitches the common stock in the first round and the industry-specific stock in the second round.  The two highest-scoring teams from each group in the preliminary rounds advance to the final afternoon round. 
  • Teams break for the keynote lunch following the first two rounds, where the announcement of the four finalist teams from the field of twelve is made.
  • The four finalists will proceed to make the second industry-specific stock pitch in the final round.  Judges deliberate while students head to the awards reception, where first and second place winners are announced and all competitors can mingle with judges and peers.   

For each stock pitch, a single presenter from each team makes a ten-minute presentation, followed by judges' questioning of all three team members for five minutes. For each of the three stock pitches, teams feature a different team member as presenter.  The event is held before a live audience, but other competing teams are not permitted to watch one another's presentations in the first two rounds.  Finalists are allowed to watch other teams present as long as they have finished their own presentation. Non-finalists are allowed to watch final rounds.

Why Participate?

Students (Lodging and meals provided)

  • Experience the intensity, depth, and breadth of questions posed by top investment professionals - the kinds of questions asked daily on Wall Street.
  • Network with investment industry professionals - SPC judges, sponsors, and MBA competitors who will soon enter the field.
  • Prepare concise, compelling pitches.
  • Explore the latest cutting-edge technology in use at the Parker Center's Robert S. Boas Trading Room: real-time stock quotes, data feeds, and financial analysis software and data valued at more than $1.8 million in annual licensing fees.
  • Use professional investment software, including Capital IQ, FactSet and Bloomberg.


  • Gain priority access to top MBA candidates; watch them demonstrate their intellectual horsepower under intense time pressure.
  • Network with peer investment professionals, research faculty, and top MBA students.
  • Enhance your firm's prestige through Ivy League associations.
  • Raise your visibility with the business schools that contribute the most talent and research to your industry.