Johnson Professor Ya-Ru Chen appointed Academic Dean of China Initiatives

Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA to launch May 2015

Johnson Professor Ya-Ru Chen appointed Academic Dean of China Initiatives

Professor Ya-Ru Chen was recently appointed as the Academic Dean for China Initiatives. Her primary responsibility will be to lead Johnson’s dual degree program, Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA and ensure its success with Tsinghua University, People’s Bank of China School of Finance.

“I’m thrilled to be taking on the role of Academic Dean for China Initiatives and look forward to a successful start of our new dual degree program based in Beijing at PBCSF,” said Professor Chen.

The dual degree program is slated to launch on May 5, 2015 and is on track and expected to welcome an inaugural class of 65 students. The two year program is the only part-time, post-experience program, conducted bilingually in English and Chinese (Mandarin) currently offered in the market. Approximately 75 percent of the program will be delivered in China, primarily in Beijing and some classes in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The remaining 25 percent will be delivered in New York City and Ithaca.

“Having interviewed many of the candidates, they comprise a group of highly talented professionals in their respective fields of expertise,” said Professor Chen. “This new dual degree program is a unique offering in the China market and positions Johnson as a leader in educating the next generation of leaders in the financial industry.”

In addition, she will guide and support Johnson’s activities in China by collaborating with appropriate Deans, faculty, and staff colleagues within Johnson. Such activities include strengthening relationships with Chinese business schools, companies, and government entities facilitating research, programming, and outreach activities linking Johnson and China.

Professor Chen joined Johnson in 2009. She co-led global initiatives in 2009-2011. After that, she co-founded the Emerging Market Institute and served as its Faculty co-Director during 2011-2013. She was the inaugural Area Coordinator for Management and Organizations in 2012-13. She was also the Faculty Director of China Initiatives in 2012-13 and has been the Faculty Director of China Executive Education Programs since 2009.

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