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Let’s face it, many executive MBA programs have some similar characteristics. It’s rare that an EMBA program doesn’t tout its focus on professional development, global strategy, and innovation. Our curriculum constantly evolves to include the most recent work on topics such as data analytics and entrepreneurship. Our faculty include thought leaders and experienced practitioners with deep expertise in their respective fields, but this is often true of our competition as well.

So what makes us unique? There’s no question that it’s our culture. There is no other Executive MBA program that creates the highly personalized environment that we do. This translates into deep and trusting friendships, newly found ambitions, and transformative, eye-opening experiences. Our students form close teams and get to know each other on personal and professional levels.

This is all facilitated by a team of people including our faculty, admissions and career counselors, and academic and student services managers who are passionate about making the program an exceptional experience. Our students each come into the program with individual ambitions and aspirations – some also face challenges along the way. Each member of our team is committed to doing their part to seeing those ambitions realized, as well as finding ways to manage the challenges.

Learn more about our three executive MBA programs to see which one is right for you, or read some of our EMBA student blogs to get an inside look:

Javier Vivas, Executive MBA Americas ’17

Femi Oloruntoba, Executive MBA Americas ’18

Jonathan Ho, Executive MBA Americas ’17

Anu Ganguly, Executive MBA Metro NY ’17

Sarah Cruz, Executive MBA Metro NY ’17










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