Welcoming New Opportunities with the Executive MBA

Spotlight on Syed Hussain

by Syed Hussain, Cornell Executive MBA Americas 2017

Welcoming New Opportunities with the Executive MBAinline-block

Johnson is a prestigious name among Ivy league schools and I am proud to have it on my credentials. This program has a great flexibility in scheduling your classes while you continue to work without any interruption. Secondly, leadership always blooms from excellent team work and this program is really focused on team work in all aspects. This teamwork focus was another attractive aspect of this MBA program.

My Good News: B. Braun of Canada has given me a contract to work for them as a Market Analyst for their new product launches. Initially, I contacted them and let them know about my previous experience and ongoing EMBA Program from Cornell & Queens. Both schools are top tier schools in North America, which grabbed their attention and opened our conversation for a possibility of Project internship for new product launches. Then, I started to work on it and right after few months, they extended their offer for the whole year. I am excited because I always wanted to have this kind of opportunity, which could directly be related with my international experience and EMBA program

The New Venture Project was a door opener for me and kind of a win-win situation for both of us. I have been applying most of the tools and business concepts which I have learned from the experienced teaching faculty. I am looking forward to make a real contribution to B. Braun of Canada

Johnson EMBA is very competitive and flexible program at the same time. If someone really wants to take a leadership role and build strong teams in future then don't look here & there. Cornell - Johnson is the right choice

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