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Javier Vivas

Javier Vivas

Executive MBA Americas '17

Age: 34
Hometown: Lima, Peru
Education: Master in Project Management, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas, Venezuela
Computers Engineer, Universidad Rafael Belloso Chaćin, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Why I chose Johnson

Johnson has a strong international reputation, and I was excited to see an EMBA program in South America. I looked forward to meeting passionate students and professors from a wide range of backgrounds.


October 11 2016

The Secret(s) to Becoming a Successful EMBA Student

A typical comment I often hear is “How do you balance personal life with your EMBA responsibilities? You must be exhausted.” I’m completing an executive MBA program while continuing to work. And I need to spend time with my family—I’m married with two kids. There’s a lot to balance.

I’m part of a great boardroom team in Lima. As I think about balancing responsibilities and discuss it with my fellow classmates, I realize the dynamics of the Executive MBA Americas program haven’t been that hard on us, aside from the first couple months when stress was high and we were getting used to a new rhythm.

I believe that the main secret to success in this program is to have a strong support system and, in our case, our families have been amazing. They have dealt with our many late admin team meetings, project deadlines, stressful final exams, and weekends where we have to immerse ourselves in class. Having family and friends understand how important this is to us has been critical, as there’s no way you can succeed in this, or any endeavor, without them.

The Lima team just got back from a trip to Santiago where we had classes with the Santiago EMBA team. It was a great experience. As a token of appreciation for our families’ support, we invited them to come along on our trip, and it was a great opportunity for our spouses, partners, and kids to get to know each other and share experiences and anecdotes of this journey, which started more than a year ago and is now reaching its final phase. Having dinner with the Lima and Santiago families was awesome.

We all have our personal stories, and we sure have had some hard times throughout the program, but each person sitting at that table has played an important role in making this ride very enjoyable. Each one of them is the secret we all have in our lives that pushes us to grow academically, professionally, and personally. There have been some sacrifices and a couple missed family events along the way, but our family and friends are always there to support us in our journeys as EMBA students.

I’m sure this is the story of most, if not all, EMBA students. Here’s to all the families and friends across the Americas who are playing a major role in supporting this outstanding cohort of 2017. I hope we meet on graduation day!


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