Christian Brunone

Christian Brunone

Executive MBA Metro NY '16

Age: 30
Hometown: Hoboken, NJ
Education: Villanova School of Business, Villanova University, BS in Business Administration (Marketing/Communication)

Why I chose Johnson

The CEMBA program at Johnson is the perfect combination of a challenging Ivy League education with the convenience of weekend classes near New York City. The format is highly collaborative, my professors are engaging, and my classmates are extremely smart and talented. I enjoy interacting with all of them in and out of the classroom.


June 13 2016

Reflections from a Recent MBA Graduate

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

That quote from Thoreau was the advice my father gave me as I deliberated on accepting my admission to the Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY program two years ago. Connecting with the program’s staff the previous winter had been somewhat serendipitous, such that it was just a month before the start of classes when I gained admission. While it had always been a goal of mine to achieve an MBA, the personal and financial sacrifices seemed potentially insurmountable.

In the end, I took my dad’s advice. Looking back now, it is more evident than ever how thankful my classmates and I should be to people around. Our sacrifices would be no less significant than I initially imagined. However, with the time, energy, and support of family, friends, peers, and program faculty and staff, we were able to achieve something great. Along with my fellow social media ambassador, Monica, and a few of our classmates, this post is dedicated to those who were instrumental in our journey toward earning a Cornell MBA.

Thank you to my:

  • Parents for your wisdom and guidance. I would not have been able to take this step without your support.
  • Family and friends for your encouragement and understanding through moments and events that fell secondary to classes and exams. Thank you especially to my other half for your ceaseless patience and care.
  • Classmates. I have, and continue to be, inspired by your many accomplishments and ambitions. Your willingness to be incredible teammates, collaborators, mentors, and friends has provided a level of depth to the experience than I could have expected. We shared struggles, achievements, failures, celebrations, tears, laughs (and maybe a drink or two) while building relationships that will undoubtedly last well beyond graduation. For so countless nights and weekends we left our families at home, but became a family of our own in the process.

The collaborative, community-oriented nature of the program was truly special and unique. For that we have to thank the administration and staff. With great care they assembled a diverse group of talented professionals in a setting that allowed us to leverage talents and strengths while challenging us to grow and develop as individuals, teammates, and leaders.

As we go confidently towards brighter futures, I want to say congratulations to fellow Class of 2016 Johnson MBAs and to every single person in our lives. With thanks, we share this special achievement with you.

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