Key Facts

Students in the Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY bring experience and commitment to a program that prepares them for the management challenges of the future. We actively seek and select students from a broad range of educational backgrounds, functional areas, and industries to create a diverse educational climate.

About the Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY

  • Class size: Approximately 70
  • Entry date:  One class per year in July
  • Location:  Class weekends at the HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center in Palisades, New York.  (Round-trip shuttle service is available between Manhattan and Palisades.)  And, four one-week residential sessions in Ithaca, New York.
  • Number of Credits and Length of Program:  60 credits over a total of 22 months (including breaks)
  • Degree awarded:  Master of Business Administration from Cornell University
  • Comprehensive Tuition:  $182,708 for the class that entered in July 2018

Cornell Executive MBA Class Profile: 2019

  • Class Size: 64
  • Average Age: 35
  • Average years of work experience: 11 
  • Women: 25%
  • Minority: 50%
  • Under Represented Minority*: 25%
  • Advanced Degrees: 31%

*Black/African American, Native American, and Hispanic American

Industry Profile:

  • Financial Services: 34%
  • Technology: 14%
  • Retail, Manufacturing, and Consumer Goods: 11%
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: 9%
  • Education, Government, and Non-profit: 8%
  • Real Estate: 8%
  • Consulting: 7%
  • Media and Entertainment: 6%
  • Other: 3%

Geographic Representation:

  • New York: 53%
  • New Jersey: 33% 
  • Pennsylvania: 6%
  • Connecticut: 5%
  • Other: 3%


Alumni Spotlight

Hannah Diddams

Hannah Diddams, Executive MBA Metro NY '14

Data Solutions & Innovation Manager, Global Agency Team

“Knowing that I completed an MBA, more so than the letters after my name, is about knowing that I have the endurance to succeed and that I was able to accomplish a great feat.”

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