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Darielle Corsaro

Darielle Corsaro

Executive MBA Americas '17

Age: 31
Hometown: Irma, Alberta, Canada
Education: Bachelor of Management with an Accounting Major, University of Lethbridge
Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountants’ Association of Alberta

Why I chose Johnson

Johnson at Cornell is a game changer. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and one I would make again. The program is intellectually stimulating. I worry what life will be like when my MBA adventure comes to a close.

Distinctions and Awards

Cornell University Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute Fellow


April 10 2016

Why Would an Accountant Complete an MBA? They are Already Smart!

Co-authors Darielle Corsaro, Executive MBA Americas ‘17 and Don Ceniza, Executive MBA Americas ’17 detail the reasons an MBA is valuable for someone with an accounting background.

Don Ceniza, Executive MBA Americas ’17

Accountants are People Too

For the uninitiated, the business world seems like a foreign language. If business was indeed a foreign language, its language will most likely be called “accounting.”

Considered the language of business, accounting is the foundation where the rest of business models stand. Sure, it could be a bit esoteric and most of the time pedantic with all its rules and exceptions, but there are people that spent years studying the subject – your friendly accountants – and they surround you in the Cornell EMBA Americas program.

It’s easy to spot us in class. We’re the ones with multiple spreadsheets open trying to ensure debits equal credits. We didn’t like adjusting items when valuing an actual corporation in Valuations class due to some “accounting rules,” but we understood why. Also, we like order and structure just like engineers but we had a hard time building that paper tower in Leading with Power class since we can’t stand how some papers were not folded the right way. Another fun fact, we have diverse personalities – some of us do taxes and some don’t. In other words, accountants are people too!

The next time you see us at the bar with our calculators trying to figure out the most cost effective drink given the different tastes, don’t be afraid to include us in conversation. You never know when you might need a good friend to fix your financial records.

If there’s something strange in your financial statements, who you going to call? Your accountants! We aren’t afraid of spreadsheets.

Darielle Corsaro, Executive MBA Americas ‘17

Why Would an Accountant Complete an MBA? They are Already Smart!
2016 Business Venturing Session Section 1 Accountants

2016 Business Venturing Session Section 1 Accountants

The Cornell EMBA Americas program consists of a myriad of professional backgrounds including accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. Let’s face it, the majority of the population wouldn’t even fathom going back to school at this point in their lives, most of us are older (except me… I’m still really young) with families (dogs do count) and established careers. Why would we put ourselves through this? The time, the expense, the stress?

People closest to me ask why I complete an MBA; “you’re an accountant,” they added. They would argue “you already have a career, why would you put yourself through MORE school?” It’s quite simple really. First off, I’m a Learner. We completed the Clifton’s Strengths Finder Assessment in our Leading with Power class and number three on my list is Learner; no surprise there. I love to learn and to be a catalyst for change. At my current job I am a member of the executive team. Anything to do with finance, I was the person for the job; however, discussions surrounding operations or strategy left me “stuck in the background.” I wanted to make impactful change in more areas than just accounting.

Since starting the program, my colleagues ask “did you get that from the MBA?” This is in response to contributions I’m making to the executive team. I find myself now fully participating in meetings and making suggestions about strategic initiatives that in no way have anything to do with accounting. I am more confident about speaking up when I feel something isn’t quite right and not allowing decisions to be made without my input.

I’ll speak for myself only here, but I would like to get out from behind the financial statements. While my love for spreadsheets is eternal, and I do agree with my colleague that the language of business is accounting, I want to speak more languages, as many as possible.

PS: Don, I’m always packing a calculator to handle accounting-related emergencies. :)

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