Udit Patidar,  MBA '15

Feb 02 2015

Musings of a Johnson Admissions Group Member

Udit Patidar, MBA '15

One of the several ways in which students can contribute to Johnson at Cornell is by shaping the incoming class. One of the best ways to do this is by serving as a Johnson Admissions Group (JAG) member. I am part of a group that works closely with Johnson admissions and conducts admissions interviews. Not only does this help the admissions process, it provides me with tremendous satisfaction, and is a great honor. For me personally, this combines several of my passions and interests, most notably being a mentor to others.

Over the past several months, JAG members have interviewed all types of applicants. As interviewers, it is our job to get to know the person behind the resume (interviewers do not see any other application materials) and try to connect on a personal level. It also makes a tremendous impact if an applicant makes the effort to interview in person. That way, you get to sample life at Johnson, attend a class, and experience the business school buzz.

The overarching goal of the interview is to find out if I see this person as a potential classmate. If a student interviewer is convinced over the course of the interview that it’s a perfect fit, then the feedback will be positive. The interview also addresses any remaining questions that the application reader/reviewer has.

I would be remiss if I did not tailor some of my comments specifically towards the Johnson One-Year MBA program. This is a special program with an intense pace and high level of rigor. It hits closer to home when interviewing these candidates because the camaraderie that builds during the intense summer semester lasts for a very long time. In addition, I look for absolute clarity of post-MBA goals. The One-Year MBA program does not include an internship experience; therefore, recruiting preparation starts in week one! Goal clarity definitely bodes well for an interviewee. Additionally, if an interviewee possesses an advanced degree in business studies, I am curious to learn what value is added with a Johnson MBA.

The views expressed in this article are personal, and reflect what I look for during an interview. Each JAG member possesses their own style and has different areas of interest, but we all seek to answer a common question – “Will this person be an important contributor to my class and to Johnson?” Answer this and you’re golden!

There are many resources available to help prospective students learn more about Johnson and the admissions process. In addition to the website (http://www.johnson.cornell.edu/Full-Time-MBA/Connect), many Johnson students are also Social Media Ambassadors that tweet current happenings using #CornellMBA. I encourage applicants to make full use of these resources. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @CornellMBA_UP.

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