Johnson prepares individuals for significant future leadership roles via a curriculum that provides both an excellent foundation and innovative means of performance learning.

Since we select MBA candidates whom we believe capable of becoming senior leaders of organizations, we ensure that they leave Johnson with a solid foundation in all of the functional areas of business that are required of "general managers" - the most senior roles in organizations.

We also offer great depth in specialized areas that enable them to hold significant positions in industries such as investment banking, marketing, venture capital, international business, sustainable enterprise, and many others - or to become successful entrepreneurs.

Accounting - Crucial to the effective functioning of the business world, accounting is a critical input to management decisions as well as to the actions of consumers, analysts, investors and regulators. At Johnson, we take an integrated approach to the multifaceted discipline of measuring and communicating an organization's economic health. Our accounting faculty combines industry experience with academic or theoretical expertise. In fact, Johnson's accounting group consistently rates among the top ten in the country (and has rated as high as second, when rankings are adjusted for size of faculty) in output among cutting-edge research.

Communications - One of the most critical skills required of a leader is the ability to communicate in ways that are clear, persuasive, and powerful. Johnson communications faculty help students learn to do just that, through courses in oral and written communications, and by collaborating with colleagues to incorporate communication skills throughout the entire MBA curriculum.

Consulting - The skills required of a consultant mirror those required of high-level organizational leaders. Building on a the foundation in the functional areas of business, our consulting focus advances these critical abilities: a strategic perspective on all of an organization's functional areas and the interplay among them; an understanding of how an organization interacts within its competitive environment; the creation and clear communication of logical arguments, and the combination of analysis and synthesis that brings order to unstructured environments. Our consulting faculty include individuals with high level experience in consulting firms and as turn-around leaders within large corporations.

Economics - The fundamental discipline of economics provides theories and offers insight into the principles and practices of the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. It is the context for all commerce. At Johnson, our distinguished economics faculty include leading authors and researchers, as well as individuals with high-level experience in multinational businesses and financial organizations and advisory roles in government.

Entrepreneurship - The business of creating new ventures is increasingly seen as an astute path to success for inventors, established firms, and the venture capital industry. Johnson is the only graduate program to engage students in a suite of entrepreneurship services—legal, consulting and capital and to offer an entrepreneurship program that reflects the creativity and rock-solid analytical skill required for entrepreneurial success. Because we are at the heart of Cornell University, Entrepreneurship at Johnson takes full advantage of Cornell's extensive, university-wide Entrepreneurship and Personal Enterprise Program.

Finance - Broadly encompassing corporate finance and the capital markets, finance provides insight into financial policies and investor behavior, examines how policies, individuals, and organizations interact within market environments, and applies financial instruments and quantitative methods to address problems and opportunities in finance. At Johnson, theoretical and empirical thought leaders and world-class facilities add up to a premier resource for cutting-edge research - in everything from international finance to market microstructure.

International Business - Today's business leaders increasingly work within multi-national businesses, deal with offshore suppliers, market overseas, and work in organizations based outside the U.S. Our approach to international business education emphasizes both the disciplines of international business and an understanding of national cultural, political, and economic contexts. We offer many specialized courses, and equally important -- abundant opportunities for extracurricular learning. Ninety percent of Johnson faculty have international business experience, and many contribute critical knowledge through their research.

Management and Organizations - At the heart of making any organization successful are the critical skills required to get people to work together effectively, for common purposes. Similar skills are also required to work between and among organizations. Johnson Management and Organizations faculty offer wide-ranging expertise in multiple areas: managing teams and organizations, negotiations, ethics, and multiple aspects of managing in international and multi-national settings, including base-of-the-pyramid and emerging markets. Management and Organizations encompasses our Program for Leadership.

Marketing - Marketing begins with understanding potential customers' need and opportunity for a product or service, the competitive arena, the strengths and weaknesses of the firm and its competitors, determination of the appropriate product mix, analysis of financial viability, and the selection of appropriate supporting activities such as pricing, advertising and distribution. Our faculty includes researchers who are producing critical knowledge about multiple aspects of marketing, and individuals who have led marketing functions and made critical business decisions for a wide variety of firms in North America and around the world, and through e-commerce.

Operations Management - Manufacturing firms and e-commerce companies, in particular, succeed or fail based on their ability to manage logistics in the most productive and cost-effective manner. Our faculty offer great depth in both real-world and research experience in specialized areas including manufacturing, supply chain management, decision models, simulations, and analysis of multi-variant situations and costs. They have worked in widely varied industries around the world - automotive, healthcare, consulting, and many more.

Technology - Virtually every business today relies profoundly on its technical infrastructure and ability to manage vast quantities of information. Moreover, technologies drive a huge number of firms, whether as the infrastructure for e-commerce or the financial industry or as the most critical products in the business portfolio. Because Johnson is situated at the heart of Cornell University, our faculty includes individuals who share responsibilities with Cornell's top-rated College of Engineering. Immersed in a technological environment at the forefront, our curriculum prepares students to work at the cutting edge, and students who have appropriate preparation are able to advance their technical skills elsewhere at Cornell as part of their MBA experience.