Strategic Marketing Immersion at Work

Amador Zuazua, MBA ‘10

Why get an MBA?

by Amador Zuazua, MBA ‘10


John Y. Kwalk, MBA ‘15

How to Select the Right Immersion For You

by John Y. Kwalk, MBA ‘15


Michael Sean Hendrix, MBA ‘13

A Strategic Immersion Beneficial for any Career

by Michael Sean Hendrix, MBA ‘13


Nicolas Teboul, MBA ‘13

Strategic Marketing Immersion Recommendations

by Nicolas Teboul, MBA ‘13


Colin Shengbo Gu, MBA ‘15

Tackling Innovation Challenges Through SMI

by Colin Shengbo Gu, MBA ‘15


Nicole Sim, MBA ‘14

The Long Haul of Marketing

by Nicole Sim, MBA ‘14


Dr. Megan J. Ricard, MBA ‘14

Learning in a Safe Environment

by Dr. Megan J. Ricard, MBA ‘14


Nicole Sim, MBA ‘14

A Marketer’s Best-Kept Secret

by Nicole Sim, MBA ‘14


Lauren Furgione, MBA '10

Laying the Foundation for Success

by Lauren Furgione, MBA '10