Park Fellow Alumni Profiles

Austin Rothbard, MBA '00Austin Rothbard, MBA '00

The Park Fellows Leadership Program provides a curriculum of coursework for a distinct cohort of students who are expected to become future leaders. I learned more about my personality and personal behaviors through introspective study than I would have discovered through a typical program. Although some of this was done in the classroom, most of it was through peer relationships. In fact, a few of my colleagues still turn to one another for business, career, and personal advice. In a short seven years, I grew from a consultant at Bain & Company to the president of Cabo Yachts. The leadership and networking skills that the program provided were instrumental in my rapid career development.

Pre-MBA Employer:

Ivey, Harris, & Walls, Inc.

Park Project:

Rothbard and another Park Fellow worked closely with WVBR, a struggling local radio station, to pinpoint some of its problems and develop a business plan that specifically addressed its financial needs. WVBR is still in operation today.

Post-Graduate Employer:

Cabo Yachts