Park Fellow Alumni Profiles

Melissa Hamann, MBA'07Melissa Hamann, MBA'07

Through a greater exploration into my personal goals and values, I've developed a lot of confidence, both in who I am personally and how I choose to act as a leader. I learned a lot through the classroom track and was required to continually apply these lessons and get real-time feedback on my abilities. I did not expect that my cohort would develop into such a tight-knit group. This sense of community allowed me to feel very safe in taking risks and also served as a great source of support throughout the two years.

Pre-MBA Employer:

Immediately prior to business school, I worked for Civic Consulting Alliance, a nonprofit organization that provides consulting services for the City of Chicago and its government agencies. Prior to CCA, I worked for Bain & Company.

Park Project:

My Park Project was to create the Class of 2007 Public Interest Loan Forgiveness Program, a program that provides loan repayment assistance to Johnson graduates working in the lower paying public and nonprofit sectors.

Post-Graduate Employer:

New York City Department of Education