Debra Yoo, MBA '16

Sep 25 2014

Only a few months in and already a lifetime of amazing experiences

Debra Yoo, MBA '16

Everyone says business school goes by lightning fast. Although that is certainly true, I’ve been much more impressed with how much we’ve all been able to accomplish in just two months. We are already more than halfway through our first set of core classes (finals are looming!), completed two case competitions and are now in the midst of preparing resumes and interviews in our career work groups.

My awesome core team (GO TEAM 32!) recently presented a marketing strategy for the S.C. Johnson case competition. We were one of four teams in our class to be selected as finalists by faculty members, and received the amazing opportunity to present our case recommendations to directors and managers at S.C. Johnson. I never would have guessed that I would one day be standing onstage presenting marketing strategy to an auditorium full of classmates and executives.

Team 32 presenting

Team 32 presenting our marketing strategy for S.C. Johnson executives and fellow first-year students (Photo by Grace Coriell, Johnson '16)

Core teams are an integral part of the Johnson Team Leadership Experience. Each student is placed in a group of 5-6 first-year students with diverse professional and cultural (and every other aspect you can think of) backgrounds. Each person on the team gets the chance to lead a group project, and team members provide immediate feedback to the team leader upon project completion. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be in a safe setting and get honest thoughts from peers about leadership strengths and areas of improvement. It’s not just the leader who receives feedback; you also provide feedback to all of your fellow teammates. In the end, we get the chance to become better leaders and better team members, which is equally important.

My team

The best core team ever: Harsh Mogili, Brad Barie, Jeremy Kuhre, Timo Schneider, and me

My core team has completed a few projects together thus far, and we have plenty more to go before the year concludes. It’s easy to see how different we are from one another, and it’s also easy to see how quickly we converge around common goals. I’ve already learned so much from each of my teammates and can’t wait to see how we all grow together as our first year at Johnson speeds by.

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