Carol Wittmeyer

Associate Professor of Management | St. Bonaventure University

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Carol is an Associate Professor of Management at St. Bonaventure University. She teaches Family Business, Organizational Behavior and Strategic Management and founded/advises the Family Business Club. She advised the SBU team at the 2015 Global Family Business Plan Competition (University of Vermont). The team won the Innovation Award. She started family business courses, a minor, seminars and an outreach program for family business students and parents. She helped develop the first student-led family business investment fund.

Carol was chair of the Family Business Group of the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship and was the coordinator for the Academy of Business Disciplines Family Business Track.

Carol is a faculty member for Loyola University Chicago’s Family Business Center, designing and delivering programs for their institutes, member families and associations. She is an academic advisor to Family Business Network North America and advised the NY Family Business Center.

As President of the Raymond Family Business Institute and a Visiting Professor at Babson College, Carol co-led the 2003 American Family Business Survey (the most widely cited study in the field at the time) and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Family Business Research. Her current research includes family business case studies and a national study analyzing the benefits of family business successor outside work experience.

Wittmeyer worked in public accounting. She earned an Ed.D. (University of Rochester) and MBA/BBA (SBU), and certificates from Harvard’s Negotiations and Management and Wharton’s Strategy Programs.

Her family owns three enterprises in WNY and Dallas.