Building sustainability into the supply chain

Agata Kostecka, MBA ’11 Agata Kostecka is helping to make sustainability a way of life for stakeholders at Gap Inc. After working on the firm’s supply-chain strategy team in San […]

Startup Snapshots: Pure Energy

Cameron Brooks, MBA ’03: E9 Energy Insight and Tolerable Planet Enterprises by Dick Anderson Cameron Brooks was smitten with the outdoors as a teenager, spending countless hours exploring California’s Sierra […]

The chief marketing mind behind Topo Chico’s success

Gerardo Galvan, Executive MBA Americas ’18 Solid education, constant self-improvement, and innate marketing talent have brought Gerardo Galvan to the pinnacle of North America’s beverage industry. As president and general […]

Startup Snapshots: Biotech from research to market

Alice Leung, MBA ’86, Sapientiae by Dick Anderson Alice Leung didn’t develop her new business by today’s rules. Sapientiae, a biotech management consulting firm, has no website, no app, and […]

Startup Snapshots: An app for construction management

Javed Singha, MBA ’09, Fieldwire by Dick Anderson For all the construction design tools that look like something out of “The Jetsons,” the building process itself still resembles “The Flintstones.” […]

Confronting Challenges of Disparities in Health Care

Melva Covington, MBA ’04 Melva Covington fell into health care unintentionally. After graduating with a degree in politics and economics from The Catholic University of America, Covington aspired to earn […]

Startup Snapshots: Glamping luxury

Robert Frisch, MBA ’13, Firelight Camps by Dick Anderson If your ideal camping companion is Gwyneth Paltrow — not Bear Grylls — then Firelight Camps may be your ecotourism destination. […]

5 Reasons Startups Fail

Understanding your customers can’t be delegated by Tom Schryver ’93, MBA ’02 A few years ago, I invested in a promising startup run by an energetic, young entrepreneur — let’s […]

Profile in Leadership: George Gellert ’60, MBA ’62, JD ’63

Bringing a “Benevolent Competitiveness” to Family Business When Superstorm Sandy hit the Gellert Global Group’s Elizabeth, N.J., warehouse, offices, and shipping facility in October 2012, it left behind eight feet […]

Embracing a Passion for Travel

Rebecca Robinson ’07, MBA ’15 You want to book a romantic getaway in a five-star hotel in the Caribbean. After logging onto a hotel booking website, you enter the number […]