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Luxury vacations with all the comforts of home — and hotels

by Katie O’Brien ’16 InvitedHome is shaking upboth the hospitality and homesharingindustries by working with homeowners to bring hotelstandards to luxury home rentals.Vacationers can now personalizetheir trip by staying in […]

Rentals made easy

Adam Kirsch ’15, MBA ’16, provides student tenants and landlords with a safe, easy-to-use platform for listing, finding, and managing rental properties. by Katie O’Brien ’16 After experiencing firsthand thefrustrations […]

Alumni lead biotech startup GeneWEAVE to successful acquisition

Two Cornell alumni who developed a diagnostic technology to detect drug-resistant bacteria while they were students sold the startup they launched to Roche, the world’s largest biotech company. by Sherrie […]

Joseph Edgar, MBA ’14, TenantCloud

Streamlining the rental process for tenants and landlords by Joseph Edgar & Rhett Weiss As a Johnson student (MBA ‘14) Joe Edgar was irritated by the lack of efficiency when […]

Faizan S. Syed, MBA ’09

Setting The Parameters In 2011, Faizan S. Syed, MBA ’09, left investment banking and returned to his native Pakistan to start an herbal products business. Before he could, his family […]

Shelley Saxena, MBA ’03

A new prescription for health-care delivery Bringing health-care services to rural patients in India for about $10 a year, Sevamob combines seva, meaning “service” in Hindi, with mobile technology. True […]

Naama Bloom, MBA ’03

Going with the flow by Irene Kim Naama Bloom, MBA ’13, founder of HelloFlo The curse. The crimson tide. Lingonberry week. It’s the five-day event that happens to women of […]

David Bloom, MBA ’01

New Order by Irene Kim Unless you’re a restaurateur or app developer, you’ve probably never heard of Ordr.in. This open platform for restaurant e-commerce is used by restaurants, developers, and […]

GiveGab aligns volunteers’ skills, interests, and values

The volunteer matching and management system created by two Cornell-Queens graduates was selected to connect Cornell alumni. by Da-Eun Lee ’16 When Charlie Mulligan, MBA ’11, and Aaron Godert, MEng […]

Neng Bing Doh, MBA ’05, HealthCrowd

Rx for health-care communications by Irene Kim When you think about health-care customer service, what comes to mind? “Press 1 for billing inquiries. Press 2 for plan information. Your wait […]