EMI at Work

Using Israel’s playbook to benefit African economies

by Armstrong Mbi, One-Year MBA ’18 As a country that makes international news headlines constantly, Israel is a major geopolitical force in the world. A visit to its business, political, […]

Latin American Political Scenario in 2018

by Evodio Kaltenecker Introduction Democracies in Latin America await a wave of important elections in 2018. Starting in Costa Rica, with presidential and legislative general election on February 4th, and […]

Tencent, the rising Chinese Investment Holding Conglomerate

by Alice Zheng, Catarina Levita Schallenbach and Ria Gabrielle Lim Tencent, a Chinese holding company, was founded in 1988 by Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhidong, Xu Chenye, Chen Yidan, and Zeng […]

Flipkart and Indian E-Commerce

by Cayla Chen and Chris Hooper Flipkart is an e-commerce company in India that operates through a complex corporate structure consisting of nine different companies – four in Singapore and […]

Marcopolo: Creating a Global Latina

by James Godbout, and Nicola de Vera Marcopolo is a leading Brazilian bus body manufacturer. Since its inception in 1949, the company has seen consistent domestic growth, establishing a strong […]

Multilatinas: Strategies for internationalization

by Veneta Andonova and Mauricio Losada-Otálora The challenges faced by Latin American multinational companies, or multilatinas, often require unique strategies tailored to a demanding global environment. The book Multilatinas studies […]

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – A Look Back and Ahead

by Pidchapon (Fai) Niruthisard, MBA ’17 ASEAN – A Look Back and Ahead Emerging markets have been gaining more and morerecognition over the past few years. Companies are looking for […]

Colombia: Ripe for Private Equity

by Srini Chandrasekharan, AMBA ’17 Latin America (LatAm) has seenextraordinary growth in entrepreneurship, and flow of investment in privateequity (PE) since 2005. From only two funds in 2005, 2014 ended […]

How Regenerative Agriculture Can Build Climate Resilience in Emerging and Frontier Economies

In the world of sustainable business, few brands are as admirable as Patagonia, Inc. By working on regenerative agriculture, they are contributing to minimize the effects of climate change in […]

The opportunities in China Medical Reform

The healthcare ecosystem in China is complicated but full of potential. Medical Reform will reshuffle the elements in the healthcare chains and create new systems which are appropriate for a […]