Full Time MBA

Why SGE?

by Jon Tang-Kong, MBA ’17 Why choose SGE? Jon Tang-Kong relates how his SGE Immersion experience gave him the necessary confidence and expertise to navigate tough problems and even tougher […]

Unveiling the Energy Sector through a Summer Internship

by Marcelo Oliveira de Paiva, MBA ’17 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow During my internship on the trading floor of an energy company, I stumbled upon the concept […]

What Does SGE Have to do with Mayonnaise?

by Alexa Ing Stern, MBA ‘17 The SGE Immersion helped me find creative ways to solve ambiguous problems during my brand management internship at Unilever. Going into the first year […]

Pursuing My Passion for Animals

by Luna Guo, MBA ‘17 What does SGE have to do with marketing and animals? A lot, as it turns out. When I first decided to quit my job as […]

SGE: A Multidisciplinary Immersion

by Alexa Ing Stern, MBA ‘17 Gaining exposure to diverse ideas and frameworks, as well as classmates and practitioners with extremely varied functional expertise. Throughout the Sustainable Global Enterprise (SGE) […]

A Smooth Transition from the SGE Immersion to Ceres

by Georgia Maloney, MBA ‘16 How the SGE Immersion and Cornell MBA core curriculum provided the foundation for a successful internship assessing corporate sustainability practices. When I started, I never […]

Shades of Grey: Exploring the Intersection of the Public and Private Sectors

by Aidan Renaghan, MBA ’17 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow The SGE immersion trek was an informative and inspiring experience in meeting people working on the front lines […]

Key Learnings from Working on a Company-Sponsored Project

by Joshua Jefferies, MBA ‘17 Figuring out how to expand the organic dried fruit snacks market. As we begin the final stretch of our Sustainable GlobalEnterprise (SGE) immersion projects, I […]

A Sustainability Conversation about the Green Bond Market

by By Michael Aiyetan, MBA ’16 and Environmental Finance and Impact Investing Fellow A conversation about green bonds underscored the need for defining and setting general standards for the green […]

Sustainable Global Enterprise – An Experience in Combining Perspectives

by Sheffin Joseph, MRP ‘15 Stepping out of my comfort zone and immersing myself in a different field of study. One of my favorite things about Cornell is the opportunity […]