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Why you shouldn’t abandon your job search during the holiday season


By Ellis Chase, Advisor for Alumni and Executive MBA Career Development

When I was a child, holiday decorating started the day after Thanksgiving. Now, it seems to start earlier each year, to the point where it is not uncommon to see holiday decorations before Halloween. The longer holiday season means that more often I hear from our executive MBA students and Johnson alumni: “What’s the point of continuing my transition process? Everyone’s slowing down, not much is going on, so I think I’ll take the time off myself and begin again in January.”

This thought process is a big mistake. Here’s why:

Taking a break leaves the field to your competition.

While many will be skiing in Vail or lying on beaches in Aruba planning their energetic return to action after the holiday season, you can get a leg up by working while they rest. Just because some businesses slow during holiday/vacation times, doesn’t mean that relationship-building stops.

Reaching the right people might be easier than usual.

Yes, some organizations slow down during November and December, especially in financial services, but does that mean companies are closed? Of course not. Someone is keeping the place open. This could work to your advantage.

It’s also easier to get face time with the right people.

During this time of year, you might find that many people would rather talk with you than work! Take this time to meet over lunch and network—you never know what it can lead to.

Business libraries are empty.

It is a perfect time to do your basic research, stay knowledgeable in your field, re-think your email writing campaign, organize your resources and records, and get a lot done.

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About Ellis Chase, Advisor for Alumni and Executive MBA Career Development

Ellis ChaseEllis joined Johnson in 2018 to focus on career development curricula for MBA alumni. He has extensive experience in career and executive coaching, management consulting, and training in corporations, consulting companies, private practice, and colleges and universities. His corporate clients have included Deloitte, General Electric, Estee Lauder, Goldman Sachs, The Gartner Group, Purdue Pharma, Swiss Re America, ING Capital, Penguin Putnam, American Civil Liberties Union, Hess Corporation, and Citigroup. Ellis previously worked for several years as a managing director at Right Management Consultants and a systems staffing officer with the Chase Manhattan Bank.

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