EFII Fellows Program

Environmental Finance and Impact Investing (EFII) Fellows Program

This program aims to train Johnson students for emerging opportunities at the intersection of sustainability and finance (including project finance) that addresses climate change, ecosystem services, and poverty alleviation. Through a series of courses, coupled with an applied capstone project, EFII Fellows are trained to invest in, manage, or regulate businesses or projects seeking financial, environmental, and/or social goals. Fellows gain experience in a range of topics, including finance and analytics, markets and regulation, science and technology, and sustainability. In addition, they are required to engage in professional learning opportunities that include internships and hands-on, applied projects with investors, industry, government, and the NGO community.

EFII Fellows candidates are competitively selected from our full-time and accelerated residential MBA programs via an application process during their first semester at Johnson. Selection is based on academic performance, as well as career interests.

Read about some of the EFII fellows’ experiences here: