Cornell Connections

Cornell has a vast history of being internationally focused. Listed below are some of the many internationally concentrated departments throughout Cornell.

  • Global Cornell: International threads have woven their way into the fabric of the Cornell experience. Through courses, campus life, library resources, or programs, learn just how international Cornell really is.
  • The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies seeks to help bring about a truly international university at Cornell, in which international studies are completely integrated into the intellectual life of the university and all students and faculty benefit from active exposure to global affairs.
  • The Mario Einaudi Center’s Regional and Thematic Programs are interdisciplinary programs focused on understanding people and places around the world, and include programs such as Institute for African Development, Latin American Studies Program, and 6 other regional/thematic programs.
  • Johnson International Business Education is dedicated to providing easy access to knowledge about offshore and multinational organizations and their cultural context for all Johnson students, whether their focus is international business or some other area of specialization.
  • Globalization and the Workplace, hosted by ILR, is a portal for documentation on the effects of globalization on workers and working conditions, labor relations, and social movements.
  • The Global Cornell Events page compiles internationally-focused activities throughout campus.

Amity Weiss, MBA '13

“The access to other programs within Cornell is a real advantage. Through an International Marketing course in the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, I was able to conduct research on the Nigerian, Canadian and Swedish markets for a South African wine company.”

Amity Weiss, MBA '13, EMI Fellow

Student Groups

The Emerging Markets Institute maintains strong ties with student business associations, and often jointly plans speaking events and panel discussions, such as: