Corning Case Competition

This year, the conference will hold its second Emerging Markets Corning Inc.Case Competition. The committee is inviting top schools to participate in the Corning Case Competition. Participants would gain the following benefits:

  • Meeting high-profile representatives from both industry and academia
  • Networking with conference participants, industry players, and more
  • Resume exposure to conference and case competition sponsors via the Resume Book
  • Free admission to the conference (for finalists)
  • Prize money!
  • And more…

The following are details on how to register and participate:

  • Each school can send 1 – 2 representative teams of 3 to 5 students (a minimum of two 1st Year MBAs are required).
  • Registration of the teams by October 15th to Christian Laftchiev ( – there are no registration fees for participants – however each school is only allowed one team.
  • Teams will receive the case on October 17th and submit your team response by 11:59 PM on October 24th
  • Announcement of finalists by October 30th


Format of the case
The case will be an open-ended business situation that addresses issues related to globalization and the rise of emerging markets. We will share a pdf document of the business situation with limited initial data – research outside the case is not only allowed but also encouraged

Think creatively! We celebrate diversity of ideas and approaches that are the seeds of progress and innovation.


Preliminary Round
We expect each team to submit a PowerPoint deck of up to 10 pages (excluding appendices, limited to 10 pages as well) on submission day. Please limit the file size to less than 15MB.

Final Round
We give each team 5 minutes to focus their business pitch to the panel of judges and in front of eager conference participants.


EMI Case Competition Flyer