Case Studies

Johnson Faculty develop case studies with students to demonstrate the complexities of doing business in the emerging markets. Should you want to use these cases in any academic coursework or for profit seminars, please contact The Emerging Markets Institute at or at 607-255-1369 for pricing and permission.

  • Folli Follie Group and Fosun International: A Global Partnership

    By Cheng Qiu, Andreas Skiadopoulos, Dong Yang, and Yina Shi under the supervision of Professor Andrew Karolyi – 14 pages. Original version dated: 01/9/2012; current version dated: 04/08/2015.How can a Greek luxury designer and retail group succeed in the Chinese luxury market, and has its Chinese partner taken on too much risk in the deal?

  • Grupo Modelo: Trouble Brewing in the Global Beer Industry

    By Uma Kakde, Kristin O’Planick, Kevin Shuller, and Jennifer Walvoord under the supervision of Professor Andrew Karolyi – 16 pages. Current version dated: 06/17/2010.Should Anheuser-Busch make an offer to acquire 100% of Modelo as a defensive maneuver against InBev’s planned takeover?

  • India dials Africa – Bharti Airtel acquires Zain’s African Assets

    By Anuj Jain, Chiropriya Dasgupta, and Saurahb Arora under the supervision of Professors Andrew Karolyi and Glen Dowell – 19 pages. Original version dated: 06/7/2010; current version: 03/22/2015.How should a Fund Manager react, after Bharti Airtel’s announcement to acquire Zain Africa BV?

  • Oil and Natural Gas Company of India: Trouble Off the Vietnamese Coast in 2011

    By Armina Hakobyan, Gokul Rajagopalan, Gopal Bethmangalkar, and Jeff West under the supervision of Professor Andrew Karolyi – 20 pages. Original version dated: 08/29/2012; current version: 04/08/2015.Should the Indian government proceed with a secondary offering for the state-controlled Oil and Natural Gas Company, given the Chinese diplomatic protests about offshore exploration blocks in the South China Sea?

  • Pulkovo Airport Expansion Project

    By James Lewis, Vanida Wongdechsareekul, Ben Freeman, Ifat Wong, and Elisabeth Cai under the supervision of Professor Andrew Karolyi – 21 pages. Original version dated: 03/14/2011; current version: 04/08/2015.Should the International Finance Corporation approve debt financing for the Pulkovo Airport expansion in St. Petersburg, given the high political and corruption risk in Russia?

  • Spreadtrum Communications, 2011: Spreading into Mobile Telecommunications in China

    By Dominic Bow, Dingding Feng, Winston Lin, Aloka Singh, and Elisabeth Cai under the supervision of Professor Andrew Karolyi – 23 pages. Current version dated: 06/22/2011.How should an investment fund assess its position in Spreadtrum, in light of the competitive landscape for mobile telecommunications in China, and the historically ineffective intellectual property system?

Sidney Costa, Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow

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Sidney Costa, Visiting Scholar and Research Fellow