Wayne R. Johnson

Wayne R. Johnson

  • PhD Student, Johnson


Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management


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Wayne’s research focuses on understanding and compensating for bias towards novelty in creative ideas at work. Novelty tends to impose personal costs on decision makers. The costs of novelty as well tend to be more salient and psychologically closer than its benefits. His theoretical framework and empirical studies provide insight into how a) receivers can compensate for their own biases when considering novel ideas b) presenters can vary their tactics to compensate for bias c) organizations can mitigate receiver bias towards novelty.
Wayne served his non-academic career in humanitarian, diplomatic, ecclesiastical, and military organizations across the globe. He earned his BA from Vanderbilt, a MS and graduate certificate from Georgetown, a MS and Ph.D. from the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management, and is a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College as well as the JFK Special Warfare Center and School for both Special Operations Forces Officer and Civil Affairs.