Academic Preparation

The One-Year MBA summer core curriculum is accelerated and rigorous. Class sessions and exam dates are mandatory, and you will often be required to attend a class session or take an examination on a weekend. Please carefully review the following information.

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Mandatory Pre-Work | Core Course Exemptions | Recommended Reading

Mandatory Pre-Work

In addition to building foundational business acumen, the summer core curriculum serves as a live leadership laboratory. You’ll complete a 360 leadership assessment before you arrive in order to make the most of this opportunity to accelerate your growth as a team leader and member.

Core Course Exemptions

If you have a background in foundational business topics, we encourage you to consider exempting a core course. An exemption can free up time in your schedule, giving you more time for your other courses and recruiting.

Three of the core courses within the One-Year MBA curriculum are eligible for core exemption. Students who successfully exempt a course will not receive course credit, but their schedule is freed from that requirement.

Note about STEM Designation

Students interested in the Management Science (STEM-designated) MBA should note that all three of these core courses count toward the STEM degree designation. Exempting one (or more) of these courses means you will not be able to put that course’s credits toward your STEM degree and would need to add additional Management Science Elective courses to bring your total Management Science credits to 30.

Any time you can invest in academic preparation before beginning your program will be invaluable as the summer core curriculum moves at a highly-accelerated pace.