Career Planning

Two Johnson management students smiling.

Johnson’s Career Management Center (CMC) staff work tirelessly for your success. Your relationship with the CMC begins before you get to campus, with powerful advice and guidance to help you reach your greatest goals—from the C-suite to your own growing enterprise. Through the CMC’s Integrated Career Management Program, you’ll gain expertise and experience to help you focus your job search, ace any interview, and continue climbing and achieving throughout your career.

We urge you to start your recruiting preparation before you arrive in Ithaca so that you’ll be best positioned to take full advantage of the CMC’s expertise.

CMC Services


As soon as you arrive, the CMC will engage you in programs to help you focus on your career goals and to develop the skills required for a successful MBA job search. 

Summer Programming

The CMC will organize regular programming to help you practice the skills you’ll need to navigate your career search. This will include workshops on writing resumes and cover letters, networking, conducting off-campus job searches, and using library resources. You’ll also have mock interviews with the advisers to gauge your interview readiness.

Career Advising

The CMC’s professional career advisers are also are available by appointment to help you work through your career-related questions, including how to:

  • Get started in your job preparation
  • Clarify your professional goals
  • Plan your job search strategies
  • Evaluate and negotiate offers

Johnson’s advisers are generally aligned by function and industry, and all have different styles, experiences and personalities, so you’re encouraged to meet with more than one to hear different points of view.