Black, Indigenous, and Latinx/Hispanic at Johnson

Johnson is committed to nurturing the success of our Black, Indigenous, and Latinx/Hispanic students and creating a diverse, talented student body.

ODI offers a range of events, support, and leadership development programs for our diverse student groups throughout their entire career at Johnson. We understand the challenges that a predominantly white institution poses to those who have been historically and contemporarily excluded from these spaces. It is our goal to dismantle the systems that prevent our women, Black, Indigenous, Latinx/Hispanic, and LGBTQ+ students from being able to show up as their full authentic selves, to not only be included, but to thrive and feel as if they truly belong!

Life in Ithaca, NY, a small, rural city, offers many advantages with ODI and Cornell University offering intentional support and resources to create a community where students of color can thrive.

Check out this resource created by Cornell’s HR for Diverse Living in Ithaca to learn about the multicultural community that is Ithaca!

Johnson Means Business Group Photo

Johnson Means Business

October 21 – 22, 2022

Johnson Means Business (JMB) is our annual underrepresented and LGBTQ+ student hosting event.

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