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Cornell Executive Education – Business Education for a Connected World

The digital transformation is affecting all sectors at an unprecedented rate of change

This requires a change in mindset:

  • Action-oriented and iterative
  • Big data-driven and customer-centric
  • Speaking the language of business and engineering
  • Balanced with high judgment and confidence to maintain a strategic vision for the products

Leaders must manage the critical tension between A) The new entrepreneurial mindset necessary to navigate the digitally-enabled landscape and B) traditional analytical frameworks

Cornell Executive Education believes in developing leaders with the capability, agility, technology/business acumen and leadership skills to operate effectively in a rapidly-changing world.

Cornell Executive Education has worked with numerous organizational leaders to create and codify ways to enhance a leader’s ability to think differently that are linked to innovation. We utilize these new ways of thinking and apply them directly to the individual and organization context.

  • Critical Thinking – framing complexity into potential solutions
  • Strategic Thinking – understanding and acting on strategic insights for the business
  • Systems Thinking – utilizing distinctions, systems, relationships and perspectives in making sense of the world around us
  • Design Thinking – practicing customer empathy to lead to increased innovative ideas and then rapid prototyping those ideas for additional feedback
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset – thinking and operating as an entrepreneur even in mature organizations for increased ideas and impact including greater understanding of finance, marketing and operations
  • Emotional intelligence – a leaders’ ability to navigate and operate successfully in a multi-factor workplace and market
  • Interdisciplinary thinking – building and thinking about ideas across disciplines such as engineering, business, medicine, law and architecture to reframe the possibilities
  • Creative Thinking – removing some of the barriers to innovative thought that can limit how we initiate, iterate, prototype and implement ideas

We focus on realizing an organization’s strategic objectives. We foster the skills of individual leaders, enhance their management capabilities, and align those with the strategic direction of the firm. We combine the business impact of customized education delivered by an Ivy League University with a focus on driving innovation leadership.

  • Customized Education for Business Impact – We focus on understanding your strategic objectives, developing clear capabilities and designing experiential education programs to reach those objectives.
  • Cornell Connections – Our organizations leverage the world-class Cornell University faculty network in areas such as business, engineering, industrial relations, law, medicine and food/agricultural.
  • Innovation in Education – Innovative modes of delivering education on a global basis through experiential learning methods and utilizing the market as the classroom.
  • Capability Building – We leverage the combination of world-class research and practical experience to focus on the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, global leadership, strategic thinking and business acumen.
  • Global Scale – Deliver solutions on a global basis through blended learning designs and in market deliveries

If you would like to have a discussion about your business priorities and potential ways Cornell Executive Education could assist you in these efforts, please contact Devin Bigoness (Executive Director for Cornell Executive Education) at