For Johnson One-Year MBA students, you’ll enjoy an integrated career management program tailored to your accelerated schedule. The Career Management Center (CMC) provides you with industry-leading personalized service, coaching, and training that develops you into the strongest candidate possible for a competitive marketplace.

Our foundational approach blends personalized development with connection cultivation and insider knowledge through advising, networking, and skill development.

The Process

We work one-on-one with you to build a customized and systematic Individual Career Plan (ICP) for targeting people, companies, and positions. The ICP acts as a living document we modify with you throughout the progression of your MBA and career planning.

Networking, 213 corporate events, 200 plus corporate meetings, 4 off campus recruiting events, 6 diversity conferences, 230 interviews scheduled, 3100 coaching meetings


Gain immediate access to the 18,000+ Johnson and 325,000+ Cornell alumni networks through events, visits, and personal communication.

We nurture relationship building with corporate recruiters, hiring managers, and companies of interest. Through on-campus events, we bring this audience directly to you for briefings and interviews, and help you successfully access and navigate career fairs for added exposure.



As you make your way through the program, you’ll reap the benefits of our unique, integrated approach to career management and personal brand building.

  • ADVISING: meet with professional career advisors for personalized guidance
  • CMCPREP PROGRAMS: learns ideas and trends in various industries and gain skills for the job search
  • CAREER WORK GROUPS: meet weekly with functionally-aligned groups led by second-year students meet weekly
  • IMMERSIONS: immerse in semester-long tracks that will give you further real-world business experiences
Top Job Functions, 38% finance, 31% consulting, 18% general management, 9% marketing, 2% legal, 1% HR and other

Getting Noticed

We know what companies are looking for across all industries.

APPLICATION: We work with you to tailor resumes and cover letters that showcase your skills and knowledge towards specific employer, job, and industry needs.

INTERVIEW: In preparation to sell your distinct knowledge, skills, and more, we facilitate group and one-on-one training to ensure you know the job, company, and interviewer.

OFFER EVALUATION: We help you construct a personalized job-offer negotiation plan based on data from thousands of previous offers housed in the Johnson Talent System, our integrated online system essential for your job search.

Employment Report

See full-time employment data for graduates of the One-Year MBA program.

For further questions, and for information regarding Johnson’s One-Year MBA program:

Email the Johnson Career Management Center or call 607-255-4888.

For official reporting purposes Johnson conforms to the standards of the MBA Career Services Council Reporting Standards.