One-Year MBA Leadership Opportunities

A crucial part of our leadership development program involves putting principles into practice. Opportunities include:

Johnson Leading Teams Practicum

It All Begins Here

The Leading Teams Practicum gives Johnson students a structured opportunity to lead—and contribute to—high-performing teams as soon as they arrive in Ithaca. The practicum places every incoming student on a core team, with whom they complete every group assignment across Johnson’s initial core curriculum. Each team member leads at least one major assignment, and receives feedback from the team afterwards on his/her leadership efforts.  There are then opportunities for the team leader to receive coaching on that feedback, allowing the team leader to reflect on how to use that feedback to further develop as a leader.

Student writing list on large notepad

Leadership Skills Program

Real, Hands-On Learning

We offer supplemental half-day and whole-day workshops throughout the academic year to enhance and accelerate your leadership development. The sessions complement our leadership curriculum and offer you practical tools and hands-on, interactive training in core leadership competencies. Current students can sign up here.

Leadership Skills Program


Leadership Expeditions

Expeditions Away from Sage

Leadership Expeditions are a chance to leave Ithaca and dig in, full-time, to your leadership development. Expeditions are designed to give students the opportunity to go through the Johnson leadership learning cycle of instruction, experience, and review multiple times in an intensive, condensed time frame. Expeditions include an annual, 10-day expedition to Patagonia, Chile, where students test and enhance their leadership skills in an unpredictable, challenging, and dynamic wilderness environment. and intensive training at the United States Marine Corps Base Quantico in Quantico, Virginia.

Leadership Expeditions

Leading a Student Organization

Leading a Student Organization

Your Chance to Make a Difference

There is a remarkable range of leadership opportunities available to you on campus—you can lead one or more of 70+ Johnson student organizations, Cornell University activities, and external organizations. These positions give you the chance to explore different leadership styles and strategies and the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the school.


Leadership Crisis Challenge

Test your ability to lead during an escalating corporate crisis

The annual Leadership Crisis Challenge is an intensive, two-day case competition that tests students’ ability to lead during an escalating corporate crisis. Students compete in teams and face emerging information, plot twists, concerned board members, and a sometimes hostile press in this extremely popular immersive experience.

Participants of Leading Teams Case Competition 2014

Leading Teams Case Competition

A capstone event for the Leading Teams core course

Core Teams are put to the test in this time-pressured competition that serves as the capstone for the Leading Teams core curriculum course during pre-term. The competition and class are designed to provide students with training and experience in leading and contributing to high-performing teams. Teams that make it to the finals vie for first place answering rigorous questions from a mock company board before an audience of approximately 300 people.

Safiya Miller

"One of the most rewarding and challenging leadership development experiences I've had at Johnson was being the Chair of the Student Council. As Chair I've seen how challenging peer leadership is when you lack any true 'authority' to galvanize a team of volunteers. Over time, I've learned that when you identify what motivates individual members of a team and align expectations, the sky is the limit."

Safiya Miller, MBA ’15
Jose Gaztambide

"Johnson has been a transformative leadership experience for me. Students should take advantage of the school’s leadership opportunities because they’re a chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone and turn your time at Johnson into an empowering experience."

Jose Gaztambide, MBA ’13
Liz Riley

"When I went on the Leadership Expedition to Patagonia, the most rewarding aspect of the trip was discovering capabilities we didn’t even realize we had. We were all pushed to new limits and it was amazing to see what people were able to do."

Liz Riley, MBA ‘13