Park Leadership Fellows

Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows

The Park Leadership Fellows are an outstanding and diverse group by almost every measure. They are top academic and professional performers with demonstrated leadership and a commitment to making a positive contribution to the world. The fellows join us from broadly different backgrounds, hold a variety of interests, and excite us with their aspirations.

Connect with a Park Fellow

Prospective students and current applicants may request to connect with our current Park Fellows to learn more about the fellowship or other elements of the Johnson experience. Complete the form at the link below and our team will facilitate a connection in approximately one week.

Class of 2023


Colin Anderson

Previous Academic Institution(s): Ohio State University
Previous Employer: Ford Motor Company
Internship: Bain & Company

Interests: Consulting, Strategy, Technology, Cooking, Skiing, STEM Education


Stefanie Cainto

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Florida
Previous Employer: Create/Captivate Digital Marketing
Internship: McKinsey & Company
Interests: Strategy, Real Estate, Hospitality, Sustainability, Minimalism, Meditation


Daniel Chi

Previous Academic Institution(s): Lehigh University
Previous Employer: Morgan Stanley
Internship: Jefferies Group

Interests: Investment Banking, Guitar, Drums, Board Games, Skiing, Karaoke


Spencer Davis

Previous Academic Institution(s): California Polytechnic State University
Previous Employer: United States Army
Internship: Bain & Company
Interests: Strategy, Camping, Beer Brewing, Football, Climbing, Board Games, Reading


Hannah Dempsey

Previous Academic Institution(s): Texas A&M University
Previous Employer: Cadence Bank, N.A.
Internship: Credit Suisse Group
Interests: Investment Banking, Private Capital, Cooking, Skiing


Diana Fahning

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Puget Sound
Previous Employer: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Internship: McKinsey & Company

Interests: Skiing, Cooking, Hiking, Sustainablity, Camping, Gardening, Houseplants


Valerie Hanke

Previous Academic Institution(s): McGill University
Previous Employer: McKinsey & Company
Internship: American Express Company

Interests: Insurance, Technology, Consumer Behavior, Politics, Art


Alphonse Harris

Previous Academic Institution(s): Denison University
Previous Employer: Lew & Dowski Capital
Internship: McKinsey & Company

Interests: Entrepreneurship, Triathlon, Poker, Dirty Chais, Plant-Based Eating, ETH, Legal Aid


Ana Harris

Previous Academic Institution(s): Wellsley College
Previous Employer: Annie’s List
Internship: HP Inc.
Interests: Politics, Social Justice, Forest bathing, Accessibility, Long Drives, Chocolate Pastries, Texas Culture


Darren Horne

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Pittsburgh
Previous Employer: Jefferson Health
Internship: BCG

Interests: Consulting, Cooking, Running, Comicbooks


Juno Hsiao

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of California
Previous Employer: Fidelity Investments
Internship: Bain & Company

Interests: Cooking for friends, Puzzling/Board Games, Traveling, Desserts


Elliott Igunbor

Previous Academic Institution(s): DePaul University
Previous Employer: EY
Internship: Bain & Company
Interests: Innovation, Technology, Social Impact, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Gastronomy


Rachel Isaac

Previous Academic Institution(s): Georgia Institue of Technology
Previous Employer: Deloitte Services LP
Internship: Colgate-Palmolive Company

Interests: Brand Management, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage, Fitness classes, Hiking


Kielyn Jarvis

Previous Academic Institution(s): Vassar College
Previous Employer: Harvard Business Analytics Program
Internship: Microsoft Corporation

Interests: Technology, Social Justice, Photography, Running, Rock Climbing


Justin Liu

Previous Academic Institution(s): Duke University
Previous Employer: Navy Recruiting Command
Internship: McKinsey & Company

Interests: Skiing, History, Board Games/Strategy Games, Travel, Brunch


Monica Mercado

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Florida
Previous Employer: Avid Technology, Inc.
Internship: Liberty Mutual

Interests: Human Capital Strategy, Speed Skating, Social Impact, Hiking, DJing, Leadership Development


Bill Montgomery

Previous Academic Institution(s): Azusa Pacific University
Previous Employer: US Department of State
Internship: Evercore Partners
Interests: Strategic Finance, Being a Dad, International Relations/Politics, Running, Living Abroad, Music


Cami Morrow

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Texas Austin
Previous Employer: Inspirato
Internship: Deloitte Consulting LLP
Interests: Consulting, Hospitality, Collecting Native American Jewelry, Exploring the Backcountry, Mindfulness, Jam Bands


Pratyusa Mukherjee

Previous Academic Institution(s): Yale University
Previous Employer: Ladder Financial
Internship: McKinsey & Company

Interests: Consulting, Technology, Marketing, Social Impact, Art Museums, Cooking & Baking, Singing, Competition TV Shows


Mia Muschek

Previous Academic Institution(s): New York University
Previous Employer: WealthFit
Internship: Johnson Summer Start-up Accelerator

Interests: Entrepreneurship, VC, Food Science, Real Estate, Sustainability, Traveling, Everything Food Related, Outdoors


Sebastian Navarro

Previous Academic Institution(s): Arizona State University
Previous Employer: American Airlines
Internship: Bain & Company

Interests: Video Games, Latin Dancing, Bagel Sandwiches, Fire Memes, Hiking, Scuba Diving, Live Music, Public Speaking


Tommy Ott

Previous Academic Institution(s): United States Military Academy – West Pointe
Previous Employer: United States Army
Internship: Johnson & Johnson

Interests: Corporate Finance, Strategy, Time with My Wife and Daughter, Fishing, Hiking, Grilling Food


Meredith Reid

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Michigan
Previous Employer: Delta Airlines
Internship: Procter & Gamble Co.
Interests: Marketing, Digital Technology, Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Running, Reading


Natalia Rodrigues

Previous Academic Institution(s): Northwestern University
Previous Employer: Princeton in Asia
Internship: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Interests: Human Capital Strategy, Social Psychology, Yoga, Skiing, Seasonal Cooking, Crossword Puzzles, Immigrant Fiction


Matheus Scuta

Previous Academic Institution(s): Ohio State University
Previous Employer: Ford Motor Company
Internship: Deloitte 

Interests: Data & Analytics, Technology, Strategy, Soccer, Basketball, Non-Fiction Books, International Relations, Politics


Claire Seizovic

Previous Academic Institution(s): Williams College
Previous Employer: Claire Seizovic LLC
Internship: HR&A Advisors

Interests: Urban Development, Real Estate, Pop-Up Markets, Retail Innovation, Coffee, Violin, Art History, Water Polo


Chris Tippett

Previous Academic Institution(s): College of New Jersey
Previous Employer: Johnson & Johnson
Internship: JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Interests: Healthcare, Finance, Theater, Strategy Games, Video Games, Fantasy, Travel


Ben Wagner

Previous Academic Institution(s): Northwestern University
Previous Employer: ZS Associates
Internship: Bain & Company

Interests: Digital Technology, Strategy, Camping, Board games, Baking, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, Youth Mentorship, Meditation

Class of 2024

Headshot of Mark Betancourt

Mark Betancourt

Previous Academic Institution(s): U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
Previous Employer: Ocean Shipholding Inc.
Interests: Sustainable Global Enterprise, General Management, Skiing/Snowboarding, Auto-Racing

Headshot of Reece Cantwell

Reece Cantwell

Previous Academic Institution(s): Purdue University
Previous Employer: Schlumberger
Interests: Renewable Energy, Skiing, Camping, Swimming, Craft Beer

Headshot of Sophie Emery

Sophie Emery

Previous Academic Institution(s): Georgetown University
Previous Employer: Windsong Global
Interests: Consulting, politics, skiing, hiking

Headshot of Devon Farrell

Devon Farrell

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Massachusetts Amherst
Previous Employer: Raytheon Missiles & Defense
Interests: Investment Banking, Snowboarding, Travel, Reading

Headshot of Meghan Fitzgerald

Meghan FitzGerald

Previous Academic Institution(s): Wake Forest University
Previous Employer: Alight Solutions
Interests: Healthcare, Consulting, Wine Nights, Traveling, Painting watercolors, Playing with my dog

Headshot of Frank Hager

Frank Hager

Previous Academic Institution(s): Cornell University
Previous Employer: Cornell University
Interests: Investment Banking, Media, Sports, Real Estate, Being a Dad, Fitness, Golf

Headshot of Madeline Hall

Madeline Hall

Previous Academic Institution(s): Bowdoin College
Previous Employer: United Health Group; Optum
Interests: Consulting, VC, Healthtech, Anything Outdoors, Traveling

Ashley Hamilton

Ashley Hamilton

Previous Academic Institution(s): Pace University
Previous Employer: Chicago Jobs Council
Interests: Human Resources, Social Justice, Rock Climbing, Trivia/Board Games

Iannarone Tess 400×400

Tess Iannarone

Previous Academic Institution(s): Wesleyan University
Previous Employer: Bowery Residents’ Committee (BRC)
Interests: Consulting, Sustainability, Art, Hiking

Ju Derek 400×400

Derek Ju

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Texas at Austin
Previous Employer: Amazon Web Services
Interests: Tech strategy, bbq, soccer, kpop

Headshot of Alex LaBelle

Alex LaBelle

Previous Academic Institution(s): United States Coast Guard Academy
Previous Employer: U.S. Coast Guard
Interests: Consulting, Spending Time with Family, Baking, and Golfing

Headshot of Lauren LaBelle

Lauren LaBelle

Previous Academic Institution(s): Elizabeth City State University
Previous Employer: U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Francisco
Interests: Traveling, Spending time with family, Reading, Wine Tasting

Headshot of Dylan Lahey

Dylan Lahey

Previous Academic Institution(s): Hamilton College
Previous Employer: Spotify
Interests: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Travel, Fly fishing

Headshot of Ben Marks

Ben Marks

Previous Academic Institution(s): The George Washington University
Previous Employer: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Interests: Winter, Skiing, Hockey, the Great Lakes, Automotive/Manufacturing

Headshot of Jack Mazur

Jack Mazur

Previous Academic Institution(s): Wayne State University
Previous Employer: General Motors
Interests: Winter, Skiing, Hockey, the Great Lakes, Automotive/Manufacturing

Headshot of Shivani Mulji

Shivani Mulji

Previous Academic Institution(s): New York University
Previous Employer: Nonprofit Finance Fund
Interests: Strategy, social impact, cooking, traveling

Headshot of Ryan Neice

Ryan Neice

Previous Academic Institution(s): Youngstown State University
Previous Employer: U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Interests: Innovation Management, Decentralized Finance, Podcasts, Travel, Pittsburgh Sports Teams

Headshot of Lenna Ohanesian

Lenna Ohanesian

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Illinois
Previous Employer: Deloitte & Touche, LLC
Interests: Finance, Emerging Markets, Retail & Luxury, Cooking, Reading, Country Music, Traveling

Preston Sarah 400×400

Sarah Preston

Previous Academic Institution(s): Purdue University
Previous Employer: Fashion Strategy Consulting
Interests: Fashion Design, Retail Strategy, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Ballet, Outdoor Activities, NYC History

Headshot of Zack Sabadosa

Zack Sabadosa

Previous Academic Institution(s): Fairfield University
Previous Employer: Allegis Group – Teksystems
Interests: Consulting, Music, Emerging Markets, Politics, Economics, Private Equity, Golf

Headshot of Kyra Stiggelbout

Kyra Stiggelbout

Previous Academic Institution(s): University of Washington
Previous Employer: New Engen
Interests: Sustainability, Skiing, Sailing, Cooking

Headshot of Kara Styers

Kara Styers

Previous Academic Institution(s): Mercer University
Previous Employer: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Interests: Strategy, Operations, Skiing, Art, Reading, Triathlons & Learning Languages

Headshot of John Van Orden

John Van Orden

Previous Academic Institution(s): Princeton University
Previous Employer: Elsevier
Interests: Consulting, International Management, Rock Climbing, Running, Piano, Travel