Strategic Market Analysis

By: Safiyyah Abdul Hamid

Battery energy storage is a necessary component for most utility‐scale solar projects currently being developed. It is essential because battery storage: 1) allows the asset to respond to market conditions in ways that solar alone cannot; 2) leverages the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for the storage component; and 3) introduces additional revenue streams (e.g. capacity, ancillary services, etc.) to the solar project. The SGE Immersion team will analyze the standalone battery energy storage market to identify the most attractive markets, both geographically (i.e., CAISO, ERCOT, and PJM) as well as by customer type (i.e., utility/CCA, corporate and merchant), to assess the size of the market, the competitive landscape, relative market value, and medium‐ and long‐term market trends in order to identify the market opportunities and obstacles facing Clēnera. The team may consider utilizing real projects in Clēnera’s pipeline around which analysis can be focused.